Biorace Intense Hydrating Spirulina Mask: First Time Use Review

Hey PrismPop! Today I am reviewing the Biorace Intense Hydrating Spirulina Mask.

🗓 I'm trying this for the first time!

🎭 I cleansed my face before applying the mask.

⏰ You leave this mask on for 15 minutes.

🌲 I smells very fresh and plant-based.

🙇🏾‍♀️ After 5 minutes it began itching and I wanted to take it off

💦 I removed it after 15 minutes and my skin felt refreshed and hydrated

✨ My skin also looked more vibrant and bright

VERDICT: I would recommend this for hydration and brightening of the skin, but not if you’re looking for a relaxing experience with your face mask because it got pretty itchy and unconfortable for me about 1/3 of the way through.

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  • sally peabody

    Very nice review. I am familiar with Spirulina from when I worked for Shiseido. It was discussed in many of their classes. I believe it is an algae and contains chlorophyll which is big in many skin care lines like Origins. It has vitamins ande antioxidants but honestly I would have to read up on it more. That was a while ago and I have not seen it mentioned again until now. That said this is a mask I would very much be interested in buying. It is interesting to me to see once popular ingredients resurface. I do not know if it is merely a sales trick...I know a lot about that because my job depended on sales volume. Sorry to put it that way but we all are aware of it. I think this is a good product and it is used because it works. Very nice demonstration and thank you for bringing this mask out into the open !!

  • Amanda Lingle

    My daughters and I are always down for trying out new face masks. We have tried quite a few and love some and some not to much. The only thing that makes me pause is that you said it gets itchy after 5 mins? But you also said that it made your skin bright and refreshed. Those are 2 things we always look for in facial masks. So these will be a try for our next mom and daughters face mask day :) Thank you for the review.