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Black-Owned Beauty Brands to Support Right Now!

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Black-Owned Beauty Brands to Support Right Now AND ALWAYS!
If you’ve got a shopping haul coming up, why not check out some of these Black-Owned Beauty Brands to support with your business? 
There are so many amazing Black-Owned Beauty Brands established in every corner of the industry which means there are plenty to choose from, no matter what you’re looking for!
First, let’s start with what you (maybe) already know... Celebrity Beauty Brands!

Superstar Black-Owned Beauty Brands
- Fenty Beauty by Rihanna shook the whole beauty world with its inclusive shade ranges. 
- Pat McGrath Labs is known for highly pigmented palettes but the name comes from its founder, famous British Makeup Artist Pat McGrath (who knew?)
- Pattern Beauty is the haircare company by Tracee Ellis Ross, who you might know for her role as ‘Rainbow’ on NBC’s long-running sitcom, “Black-ish.” It’s all about happiness and self-love, so who doesn’t love that?
- TPH By Taraji is a fairly new brand launched by “Empire” on Fox star Taraji P. Hensen, aka ‘Cookie.’ She’s concocted multiple collections of targeted treatments to support a healthy & balanced scalp.
Black-Owned Celebrity / Superstar Brands Honorable Mentions: Danessa Myricks Beauty, Vernon François & B.Simone Beauty

Flattering & Empowering Black-Owned Makeup Brands

Looking good feels empowering. These brands are trailblazers in the industry for prioritizing highly pigmented shades made to flatter Women of Color first & foremost - and ofc look good on everyone else, too!
- The Lip Bar is owned by Melissa Butler, who turned a rejection on the show Shark Tank into a national phenomenon. The bright and bold lipsticks are irresistible (and vegan!) and the pigment is unapologetically amazing.
- UOMA (pronounced uh-mah, meaning ‘beautiful’) founded by Sharon Chuter, focuses their mission on celebrating individuality and creating a world of beauty that is truly for all of us. Check out the lippies - they have the best names!
- Mented Cosmetics was born of two friends, KJ Miller and Amanda E. Johnson, who both agreed that it was way too hard to find a nude lipstick to flatter their skin tones. That’s where Mented began and since then, they’ve built an entire makeup line with new releases regularly! Fans love it, but see for yourself!
- Beauty Bakerie is the sweetest most delightful little brand because all its packaging is based on tasty treats! CEO Cashmere Nicole is relentlessly positive, sticking to her mantra of ‘Better, Not Bitter.’ Her full story is very inspiring, I encourage you to read it on the Beauty Bakerie Website.
Flattering & Empowering Black-Owned Makeup Brands Honorable Mention: Black Opal Beauty, Lamik Beauty, The Crayon Case, Ace Beaute, Prime Beauty Cosmetics, and so many more!

Shelfie-Worthy Skincare

Skincare makes you look good but it can also look great all by itself! When you’re craving that glass bottle apothecary vibe, reach for these Black-Owned Skincare Brands!
- Rosen Skincare - Jamika Martin started this skincare brand when she was still in college and it worked to clear her Accutane-resistant acne. Oily & acne-prone types with luxurious taste should definitely check out Rosen Skincare!
- Klur Skincare - founder Lesley Thornton, an esthetician, created this brand to provide minimalist skincare solutions focusing on “clean, ethical, and inclusive” company practices.
- Epi.Logic is by Dr. Chaneve Jeanniton, a plastic surgeon and holistic skincare provider based in Brooklyn, New York. She used her years working on diverse skin types to craft a line of skincare that looks as good as you will feel using it!
- Beneath Your Mask is a skincare line with the sleekest matte black packaging for a total shelf blackout, if that’s what you’re going for! But they’re more than pretty bottles - creator Dana Jackson has a beautiful story of self-acceptance which is a must read for anyone.
Shelfie-Worthy Black-Owned Skincare Brands Honorable Mentions: Anita Grant, Bevel, Undefined Beauty
Hair and Haircare
Hair is identity, so rock your locks however makes you happy! 🥰

* Part 1: Natural Hair Care *
- Mielle Organics, in its unmistakable hot pink packaging, is a drugstore HG hair product. Founder Monique Rodriguez has taken her fast success in homemade hair products to create a diverse line of products, from skincare to vitamins!
- Oyin Handmade is a made-with-love, independent haircare brand created by Jamyla Bennu, a naturalist who rejected harmful ingredients to go the all-organic route. No animal testing, no sulfates or silicones - and it’s becoming available in drug stores nationwide!
- Briogeo was founded by Nancy Twine using her grandma’s recipes for homemade natural hair care. Naturally based with a big payoff in performance, you’ve got to try this brand if you haven’t already!
Black-Owned Natural Haircare Brands Honorable Mention: The Mane Choice, Wonder Curl, Camille Rose Naturals, Chocolate Kinks & Curls, Girl+Hair, too many to list! Comment what we missed! 

* Part 2: Hair Extensions, Clip-ins, Weaves & Wigs *
- Latched and Hooked - curls, braids, wigs, and even a magic hat are just some of the products available on Latched & Hooked’s website. Always non-toxic and perfect for protective hairstyles, Tiffiny Gatlin’s company was created to provide safe and affordable synthetic hair extensions.
- Mayvenn is the largest Black-Owned Hair Extensions company - founded by Diishan Imira and backed by tennis superstar Serena Williams, this is where you want to be for the biggest selection of human hair wigs, extensions, and even a customized install service.
- Heat Free Hair founder Ngozi Opara wanted a balance between the trend of embracing natural texture and her beloved easy-to-style hair extensions. The result is texture-matching,  your-hair-but-better styles that couldn’t be easier to change up.
Black-Owned Hair Extensions Businesses Honorable Mention: Kurly Klips, KinkyCurlyYaki, Curl Sistas

World-Inspired Brands

Sometimes inspiration strikes from memories of home or even international travel. These brands tout products inspired by the world.
- Juvia’s Place - Makeup inspired by the Vibrancy of Africa - created by Chichi Eburu, who wanted a true representation of Black culture in the beauty industry, not to mention shades that would actually show up on deeper skin tones. Check out her products to see just how well she did on this fabulous makeup brand! 
- Nyakio - Pronounced Neh-Kay-Oh, this Haircare line was born from first-generation Kenyan American, Nyakio Kamoche Grieco. She used her heritage as inspiration to create a hair and skincare line so popular, it’s now available at Target!
- Bomba Curls - Lulu Cordero wanted haircare especially for her uniquely coiled curls. Inspired by her heritage, Bomba Curls us an up-and-coming brand with 2 star products; Dominican Forbidden Oil and Forbidden Hair Mask, two treatments that should be on your must-try list for curly girls and guys still searching for that HG hair product!
- Epara Skincare - Ozohu Adoh created this brand out of “a need to provide luxury skincare products to women with dark skin tones.” She grew up in Nigeria and found that using  African ingredients were the real secret to treating her personal skin issues, and has built her brand’s mission around serving Women of Color.
In Conclusion…
Beauty is better when it represents everyone. Show your support by shopping from Black-Owned Beauty! 
I hope this post helped you identify some new favorite brands, and helped you get a sense of just how much Black-Owned Beauty Brands are out there just waiting to be discovered!

Leave us some comments….
Have you bought products from any of these companies? Which ones?

Were there any brands mentioned in this post that you didn’t know about?

& finally, what Black-Owned Beauty Brands did we miss??
Thank you for reading, beautiful! 💕
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  • justine

    Yes melanin love I need good makeup products that don’t cost arm and a leg and this brand I have seen a lot but can’t find it where I live

  • Robin Bell

    I absolutely love trying new make up and some these brands look simply amazing

  • Liz Ball

    Anything women can do to lift each other up is good for business and life in general ,we Need to support these companies as long as there is a need no one should care about the color of the owner skin.We need to level the playing field

  • Flecial Whitley

    These products loo great! Would love to try them!

  • Taylor

    This list is great! Definitely want to try a bunch of these brands!

  • Mary Knox

    I would love to try all of their products!

  • Zariah

    All great brands. Love the exposure they are receiving.

  • Diana the 13th

    This is great! The Crayon case has some f the best palettes I have ever seen out. Thank you.

  • Brittany

    Love Fenty Beauty products especially the highlighters they are everything!! 😍

  • Amy

    I loved reading this and it’s amazing to see companies with all races and with BLM this is amazing information for us all. Thank you

  • Christy

    Thank you SO much for more recommendations and honest?? I didn't know Pat McGrath was black-owned!

  • Chanda May

    I'm excited to try their beauty products. 🙂 Are Tracey Ross products available in store?

  • Nikki Lyes

    All very beautiful women! I've only ever tried Fenty, so I need to reach out and try more amazing brands like these!

  • Sierra Robbins

    I have done a collaboration with Fenty Beauty & the experience was truly amazing! 💕

  • Pauline

    Definitely a fan of the cause and for the cause. Love all the brands wish I could use most of them. Nice beauty products. Nice selection of product shown here. Nice Posts and pics of the stars too.

  • Loretta Edwards

    I’m definitely a Fenty lover without a doubt.

  • Loretta Edwards

    I’m in love 😍

  • Alexis Brace

    Pat McGrath Labs, Juvias Place, Fenty Beauty, Beauty Bakerie, Briogeo!! I have tried products from each of these black owned brands. They are changing the beauty industry, and I am sooo here for it!

  • Drea Rahming

    Love this list especially checking out Tracee Ellis Ross's new haircare line for my daughter who has natural hair

  • Corissa Reviews

    I currently own Fenty, Beauty Bakerie, Mielle Organics, Briogeo, and Bombs Curls. Love all of them!! They are spectacular!

  • Corissa Reviews

    Absolutely loving this!!!! Great job y'all 💋

  • Amy

    Thank you so much for informing and I do support black owned businesses. I also do hair at home and had a client over for nails and she had the nerve to ask me why I owned black owned products in my glam room. At first I did not know how to respond but, what I told her just because I’m white with curly hair doesn’t mean I cannot use black owned or used products on my hair ??? Just because I’m white ? I was upset and still am because I think about as I suggest to my client products that work. Does it matter who makes them or who you think will only benefit from them. So thank you very much for this ! 🙏🙏🙏

  • Pam Jackson

    Amazing post! I do not currently own any products from your featured list of Black owned beauty brands but that is only because I had not heard of any of them before reading this post. Thanks for the great information and I look forward to trying these brands in the future!

  • Kelly K

    What a great post!!! I'm always looking to support great companies/brands with empowering messages and amazing background stories. I'm still trying to think of all the black-owned beauty brands I've tried. I'm sure I've tried more than just Fenty Beauty by Rihanna. Oh ya, I've tried The Lip Bar too lol. I still think there has to be more. Anyway, as for the daily questions? I seriously am excited about everything in the tester bag! I would love to try any of the products they all are unique in their own way. If I really had to choose one I guess it would be the No Pore blem Essence with sunflower extract. I love sunflower extract and I need to tighten my pores. Plus it's not so heavy for summer which I love. Have I tried any of those brands mentioned? I have only tried Fenty Beauty by Rihanna Lip gloss which was really nice and The Lip Bar. The Lip Bar products are very nice as well. I would love to start supporting more black-owned beauty brands like those mentioned above. Thanks again and have a great day! 💜

  • Zoey

    So excited to see this post here!! This is such great exposure for some of these brands and I can't wait to try them on! So far, I've tried Fenty Beauty, Juvia's Place and The Lip Bar. I've also heard great things about Pat McGrath and I would love to try that and the rest of the brands out! Thanks for sharing this 🙏😍