Bliss micro magic scrub

Do you feel like your in need of a self spa pamering session? Look no more... with the the bliss micro magic exfoliating scrub! I love this scrub so much because it gives my skin a little extra love whenever I feel like it needs something a little more stronger to remove the excess oil and dead skin cells. I use this scrub once per week and it has become a staple in my skincare routine! I love the smell it's a mix between mint and peppermint but it isn't super overpowering. The consistency (texture) now let's talk about that for a moment, it feels like tiny granules of sugar on your skin even though it actually is tiny volcano lava clusters! The color of the product is white but once applied to your skin it is clear. It is super gentle and leaves a nice refreshing cooling sensation afterwards. I like that my skin looks glowy and healthy after each use because it brings my dull lifeless skin back to life! Make sure to like this post or let me know if you would love to try it! I got mine at Ulta for $15! Talk about a bargain since a little goes a long way! 

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