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Breathable tinted sunscreen that's hydrating for your skin 🌞

Hey everyone!
Have you heard of COTZ the Healthier Sunscreen brand before?
On Ulta Beauty website, there are 5 different types COTZ sunscreens to choose from depending on what type of finish you want. You can find tinted, matte, hydrating, sensitive formula and sport type too. This company makes sunscreen that works for everyone!
The one I tried out from COTZ is their Face Moisture Lightly Tinted Sunscreen SPF 35. https://www.ulta.com/face-moisture-lightly-tinted-sunscreen-spf-35?productId=pimprod2004945
This formula hydrates skin while it protects from damaging UVA-UVB rays with gentle, lightweight 16% Zinc Oxide. The sunscreen is lightly tinted to blend with all skin tones. It can go on under makeup, or can be used alone for a silky finish. I have dry skin, so I really wanted to try out this formula to see how it would work for my skin! To top it off, this formula is water resistant for 80 minutes!
This is an A+ sunscreen! There was no white cast when applying and there was no sunscreen smell! This formula had a fresh clean smell and the light tint was perfect and I love how the tint works for all skin types! The tint helped my pores look less noticeable. 
Before I applied the COTZ sunscreen, I applied Touch In Sol No Poreblem Prime Essence to prime my skin, quarter size amount. Since I have dry skin, I find that priming my skin giving extra moisture to my skin helps me get easy application with foundation, bb cream, or anything tinted.
After the primer dried on, I used a beauty sponge applicator to apply the tinted sunscreen. The sunscreen was so easy to apply that this is a great sunscreen to use if you need to get ready fast!
After I finished applying the tinted sunscreen, I applied eye makeup and eyebrow makeup that would be face mask friendly! This look I created I was able to go out in wearing a mask with no problems! If you would like to know what makeup products I used, I used Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz Pencil in the shade Soft Brown for my eyebrows. For my eyes, I used an eyeliner eyeshadow duo from Susan Posnick Cosmetics. It is called COLOREYEDEFINE LINER/SHADOW in the shade Jet/Moonstone. The Jet black shade is the eyeliner and the Moonstone shimmery white is the shade of the eye shadow. It is an awesome duo pencil to have two in 1 product. Fun fact not many people know about this makeup brand but Kim Kardashian is a fan of this makeup company!
Overall with sunscreen, I look for products that are hydrating and will keep my skin protected. The tinted sunscreen gives such great hydration and I applied it every 2-4 hours because the SPF was 35. COTZ has sunscreens that have higher SPF if that is something you are looking for. The highest I saw was SPF 50 which is pretty good!
In my routine I would definitely use this a lot, I would apply this in the morning at 8:15 AM then around 11 AM, then 2 PM. I apply sunscreen at a lower SPF around 3 times a day. If I used an SPF that is 50 or higher, I would only apply twice. Swimming is when I apply sunscreen the most in general because the water even with water-resistant sunscreen I can still burn easily. So If I went swimming, I would apply every hour if able to. 
Sunscreen is one of my favorite products to try out! Let me know what you guys think and if you would try it out! What is your favorite sunscreen?
Thank you for reading!

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  • Ja-Nee

    Great review. Sounds like a great product!!

  • Stephanie Esparza

    This is a great product to have and definitely will look for it at Ulta! Thanks so much for sharing!

  • Jesica Dillon

    Great review will def consider trying it was not aware Ulta carried it. If it's spf 50 + that "plus" means formula has a modern ingredient (uber long names) with are photostable for real, like not for only 2 hours like most american drugstore prods. Oh have super dry skin so I'm always on the look out for more hydration (so far, a 5 prod routine korean style is the only way that can sustain all day moisture but don't have time for that everyday either)

  • Rita Whirls

    I like that this sunscreen is breathable and protects the skin, sounds like a product to try.

  • Jenn

    Thanks for the great info!!!

  • makeuplover09

    I really want to try this!!

  • Pauline

    Read Cotz face sunscreen lightly tinted would be something I would look at. I found this interesting. I usually put on tinted sparkle makeup to give a get tan look and legs. The emphasis on a lot of protectant included in this packaging. Thanks for your show and tell. Want to try.

  • Deasy

    i think i need this one 😍

  • Rowi

    Great Review please watch my videos and coment them too 😊😊

  • Melissa Ramirez

    Great review. Never heard of this before. I will be heading to Ulta to see if they have it.

  • Rowi


  • Lindsay Piggott

    looking good , i wanna try

  • Naf

    Great review! Haven't heard of this brand before but I'm going to check it out.

  • Angie

    Wow! This sunscreen seems super nice. I would want to try this.

  • Rose Katz

    🌻🌻🌻I have never heard of Cotz, but it looks awesome. I am all for moisturizer that has an spf. I would like to try it out and see how my sensitive skin likes it. My favorite sunscreen is the Coppertone sport. It is a spray on kind. I can spray it on and be good to go. It feels like greasy and I can go swimming and not have to worry about my skin. Thanks for the great review! πŸ₯°πŸ₯°πŸ₯°

  • Micheala

    i would like tp try this. with the heat and everything i could use this

  • Helinoftroy

    I haven't used Cotz but I have seen it and it does pique my interest. I've got very fair skin and a family history of skin cancer so i am always on the lookout for good options for sun protection. Thank you for sharing such an informative and visually demonstrative post.

  • Stefany Scaggs

    Thanks for sharing. Great review, lots of great information. I also have dry skin so I would love to try this out.it sounds like it will work for me.

  • Bonita kasee

    Never heard of this brand of sunscreen, but I'll try anything once, to see if I like it or not, great review, thanks for sharing

  • Kelly K

    I've never heard of this brand before. I like the lightweight moisturizer with SPF and tint. It's a 3-1 multipurpose product! Great review too thank you!

  • Tonilynn Rosario

    Great review and loved your photos!

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