🍉Brightening mask for those not so bright days🍉

Hey Guys!

So let me just be straight up💯 and say I am new to the face mask world.

This is the Oh K! Brightening Watermelon mask. When i first opened it I was surprised by how much oil it had, again new to the face mask world so it may be a normal amount. 

*Ignore the face mask struggle I had. 😣😆

Aftet I peeled the mask off I rubbed in the remaining serum on my face. My face felt softer and seemed to appear brighter. It looked like it also got rid of some of the redness I get around my cheeks!

Overall very happy with this mask. Definitely was the jumpstart I need today!

Let me know what your favorite mask brands are below!!

Thanks beautiful Poppers!😘😘

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