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Bronze is best

I purchased this China Glaze Body and Sol collection and love it. The polish is one of the finest formulas I have found this collection is stunning for summer and fall as well it has an easy to use top and a brush that is small enough to get into the tightest little crevices on our little nail.  It has the same scent as most other polishes very easy to use dries not as quick as you would hope that's the only drawback price is very affordable everyone can find a color in this set regardless of skintone i recommend this highly.

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  • Susan Cain

    What an in-depth and awesome review on the China Glaze Glow Worthy nail polish collection! I can truly see the huge difference in the quality when using a China Glaze nail polish compared to when using a much lower cost polish. The Glow Worthy polishes make your nails really stand out, these are the best metallic polishes I've ever seen ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

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