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Bronzed beauty💖💖

For this look I used: 

Foundation Covergirl trublend foundation in shade Ivory.

Primer: Maybelline baby instant pore eraser.

Highlighter: Anastasia Beverley hills Moonchild glow kit.


Concelear: Nyx dark circle concelear.

Mascara: Wander beauty mile high club length and volume mascara.


Contour: L.A Colors Medium to Contour stick.

Lips: NiceFace lip liner and liquid lip in shade 10.


Eyeshadow: Lorac palette 


Eyeliner: Maybelline MasterPriciseAllday liquid liner.


Glitter liner: DNM shade 03.


This is my first time doing a look like this and I am really practicing! Tell me what you think!

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  • Amanda Lingle

    Anastasia brand has some great products Those colors are simply amazing and I just love them. Maybelline I also love. Sooo many great products at such afforable prices and their makeup is awesome. Thanks for telling us all what all products you used.

  • Daisy

    Nice colors, love your lips💋💋💖

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