Brows on Fleek with Limecrime Bushy Brow in Brownie

Hi everyone, it’s Hieu!
Today I will be showing you guys my go-to eyebrow pencil, the Limecrime Bushy Brow in the shade Brownie.
🖊️💜 Product: Simple lavender thin pen, open it to reveal a very fine-tipped marker
🖌 Application: You can add thicker darker strokes or little fine baby hairs, the maker is very versatile. It’s easy to fill in any gaps in the brows or darken and shade specific areas.
💭 Final Thought: I have been using it for half a year and it still works amazingly. I love the simplicity and precision of it, like drawing on your brows precisely with a pen.
🤔 Would you try it?
Don’t forget to hit “I wanna try” if you want to try out this palette and follow me here on PrismPop for more reviews and try-on!
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