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BRUSH on Your Sunscreen with This New Tarte Mineral Powder!

Tarte has got you covered this summer with a brand new powder sunscreen called the 
🤑Tarteguard Mineral Powder Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF 30 ($28 CAD for 8g).
Made with titanium dioxide and zinc oxide, this lightweight powder provides an easy way to touch-up throughout the day and maintain sun protection.
🎁The Tarteguard Mineral Powder Sunscreen comes in an 8g plastic tube paired with a small powder brush. To dispense the product, click on the button at the base of the tube and theoretically, you would then sweep the powder directly onto the face using the attached brush. However, because the powder dispenses from a single opening at the base of the brush, it doesn't get evenly distributed throughout the bristles. Additionally, because the brush is not dense or large enough, the application is very messy and patchy. Therefore, I personally would have liked it better if the packaging had a removable cap that allowed me to transfer the product to another container so I can apply it using my own powder brush. The all-in-one packaging is suitable for on-the-go application but the execution needs work.
Formulation: Made with titanium dioxide, zinc oxide, and scented with a light dash of vanilla, the Tarteguard Mineral Powder Sunscreen provides an SPF of 30. For those that regularly wear makeup, liquid sunscreens can be quite challenging to work with and touch-ups are almost impossible. Therefore, powder sunscreens are becoming more and more popular nowadays.
⚠️However, there is still some debate about just how effective powder sunscreens are. Personally, I think that it is a good addition to your sun protection routine if you are already using a sunscreen lotion, an SPF primer, and/or an SPF foundation. However, it alone probably doesn't provide enough protection due to the nature of the powder formulation and user error (i.e. not applying a sufficient amount). To read up more on the efficacy of powder sunscreens, check out this 
short and sweet article from ClassPass.
⚠️Although described as translucent, the Tartguard Mineral Powder Sunscreen does have some light beige pigmentation so it's probably not suitable for those with olive to dark skin tones as it will cast an ashy veil.
In terms of texture, the powder feels a bit chalky in comparison to my go-to setting powders (ex. 
Glossier Wowder).
👍With that said, the Tartguard still provides a nice blurring effect and a non-cakey matte finish. I did notice that the powder doesn't build as much as it lacks that clingy, velvety consistency that I look for in a good setting powder. As a result, there was notable fading around my nose and my forehead where I tend to get very oily.
👍Overall this is a decent powder sunscreen. The formulation is a bit dusty and dry but it provides some light coverage and a soft blurring effect. The packaging gets the job done for application on-the-go but I wish Tarte also gave it a screw-on cap for easy de-potting. I think if you are new to powder sunscreens and are looking for a way to top-up your SPF protection throughout the day, then this is a good, affordable option to look into.
❤️Have you tried any powder sunscreens? Do you have any recommendations? Share with me in the comments below!
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