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Byroe New York Mini Skincare Sample Set 💕

Hi! This is Maggie ❤️
These came from a PrismPop Tester Bag 🛍 where we choose select community members to receive free beauty samples to review on PrismPop.
Let’s jump into these minis!
- There’s way more natural ingredients going on here than just the headliners. They packed a whole garden into each product. Here are just a few I found…
- Tomato Serum 🍅 Includes Turmeric, Carrot and Algae extracts and other ingredients which occur naturally in food, along with an anti-inflammatory.
- Bell Pepper 🌶 Includes Figs, Cabbage, a type of Sunflower, Seaweed…. The list goes on. And these are just the random ingredients I googled. I’m no skincare ingredient expert but everything except the standard solvents seem to be straight from god’s green earth.
- These little glass bottles are pretty tiny, so I’m worried I won’t get more of a week’s use out of them all together. 🙍‍♀️
- I also know that the full-size bottles are not glass, they are plastic, but the droppers have more sophisticated twist component to the cap rather than this little squeeze top. 💦
- Says on the back: Made in Korea! I didn’t realize that Byroe New York was a K-Skincare brand 😏
- I’ve only just started using these and I’ve never used serums before.  🙏
- The first night I only used the bell pepper and the salmon cream, because I’m out of other night cream (aka moisturizer for me 🧴 I’m un-fancy) and I’ve been wanting to try a serum. 
- The bell pepper went on smoothly but I couldn’t feel any immediate effects. The salmon cream felt lux and expensive and I tried not to use too much. Together they felt like I had properly barricaded my face 🛡 probably because I’m not used to serums yet. 
- The natural ingredients probably mean that I don’t need to go quite so slow with it - I already eat bell peppers and tomato so I probably won’t have a reaction to it topically. Still, I want to be able to experience them individually. 🌿
- Recently I’ve been dealing with frustrating acne on the sides of my face. When I woke up after using the products, I saw somewhat considerably less inflammation (aka no zits to pop after a nighttime of build-up)… I’m interested to see how a longer-term use of the serums helps calm that area. Maybe I’ll post progress pics… MAYBE. 🦢
- The tomato serum especially should be good for the acne because it claims to “visibly reduce imperfections of skin” while the bell pepper serum claims “calming and hydrating.” So if the bell pepper is already good, I’m hoping the tomato will be even better. ✨
- The only thing I’m wondering about is should the bell pepper and tomato serum be used together? 🤷‍♀️ Which comes first? Or do you switch them nightly? Use one in the AM and one in the PM? Hopefully the littles last long enough for me to figure out! 🤞
- The salmon cream kinda confused me at first because I thought we were going for a plant-based theme here… but after a little bit of research I’m seeing a lot of positive feedback on salmon egg extract and how it has anti-inflammatory and cell-repairing properties. And it’s not smelly! 🐟
- As for the rice cleanser I’m not holding my breath for anything exceptional… I just don’t see how anything could be so special about what seems like a makeup melter. I’ll let you know if anything amazing happens and it actually justifies the $95 price tag. 💰
Thanks for reading! Follow for updates! 😘

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  • Marija

    It seems like so many people got these samples and love them. I would love to try them too. I am interested in Rice cleaning Sorbet. I think it would remove my make-up so well without too much rubbing and irritating my skin. Please check out all my posts, comment and like them. Also please follow me. Thanks! 💞

  • Candace

    Amazing review. Of the two serums the bell pepper sounds right up my alley as I am always looking for more hydration and don’t have any issues with acne. That salmon egg extract sounds super intriguing! I would love to know your results over time.

  • Myshell

    I definitely need this in my life , I have to admit I'm hooked on Skincare 😉

  • Shannon Schaefer

    Beautiful Photos & an Amazing Review!

  • Tashia

    I want this so bad glad u enjoyed

  • Sheryl Stephan

    Thank you so much for your honest review! I am loving all the natural ingredients! I’ve heard of tomato serum for inflammation and imperfections and I’m happy to know it may be true. Thanks!

  • Tasmida

    Such a cute packaging and love the concept of naming them after vegetables, which are known to be helpful to the skin

  • Candace

    Love the packaging on these! Would love to try this!

  • theresa

    it is nice to have some products that are all natural

  • amanda barber

    Oh these look amazing. I would love to try some new skin care.

  • Tina Ong

    I am interested in some of those samples. It seems to pricey for me to ever invest in using any of them. I enjoy your reviews

  • Carrie Picadash

    I love you get to try some many samples. You really get to know the products by Byroe New York. I like the idea you see how each product works together in your skin. I need to get my glow back.

  • Pauline

    For the price it definitely is worth it to try the sample-set. I am in and hope to receive a chance for this to be won.

  • Tonilynn Rosario

    Great rundown on the products you tried out and great review on those. I am interested on your results of the rest of serums.

  • Denise Carver

    Fantastic review! So many serums,potions,oils and masks on the market these days..im just obsessed!😁

  • Tammy

    I would like a free sample please

  • Kate D.

    Thank you so much much fot the phenomenal review, Maggie! I've been seeing lots of great reviews about the Byroe New York Mini Skincare Sample Set. I'm totally interested in trying these products. I like the fact that they include superfood ingredients. They're so great for use in habitual skincare! I definitely need to get my hands on some of these awesome sounding products. I can only imagine how good the results of using them could look like!

  • Roni Abbett

    What an amazing review. Review has everything I need to know. I am definitely looking to change my daily routine.

  • Jamie

    Awesome review. I’m looking to change up my daily routine

  • Barbie

    I'm so on board, to try these awesome cute little serums. Thanks

  • Rachel

    I want this so badly! Love natural face and body products. They are apart of my every day life. I feel most pampered when I use natural

  • Liliannette torres

    Waoo i love 💜

  • Susan Cain

    What an excellent in-depth and detailed review Maggie🥇 CONGRATS on such a FABULOUS haul🌷🌷🌷 I absolutely love serums and I've been thinking about trying one or 2 of the Byroe serums now because of your review! As far as mixing serums together, sure, why not...it's what I've been doing for years with great results🌸👑🤗

  • Dena Dyce

    Wow a very thorough review. Great to see your take on it and I look forward to trying this for myself.

  • Christian Brown

    The products look so nice and I have never heard of a salmon cream before. That's great it doesn't smell bad and it sounds really unique. Thank you for your review!