Byroe Salmon Cream First Impression

Hey loves! I hope you enjoy this review of the Salmon Cream by Byroe.
🛏 I think it works very well! I tried it for five days after applying every night before going to bed. 
💸 Yes it's a bit pricy, but you do get a lot of product and the results are pretty amazing! 
☀️ My skin is so much brighter, and the circles under my eyes have faded!
🏅 The packaging is SO cute. The lid is gold! 
🐟 Fortunately, it doesn't smell like salmon... It smells like mint!
If you'd like to try it out, make sure to click the 'I Wanna Try' button! 😍 And of course, leave a comment if you guys have already tried it or have any questions!
Thanks for watching!

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