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Okay I want to start off by saying that before I got the prison pop tester bag I had never heard of this brand after a little bit of research I discovered that byroe is actually in New York and it is a very very expensive brand I proved all of these reviews together because they are part of a skin care routine and I'm littlest how I use them and what I feel about them I'm also listing all the prices below.

Rice Cleansing Sorbet $72.00

Bitter Green Essence Toner $95.00

Bell Pepper Serum $110.00

Tomato Serum $150.00

Salmon Cream $120.00

Okay so I started with the rice cleansing sorbet this is a makeup removing balm but also a face cleaner essentially you applied to dry skin in circular motions and you massage it into your skin until completely melted. Being sure to focus on your heavy makeup areas like your eye area once it's melted into your skin you take warm water and gently wash it off once it comes into contact with water it becomes like a really milky substance I really like this it made my skin feel really clean it didn't leave that residue like a lot of makeup removers will leave and overall it was a pretty good product. Next I used the bitter green Essence toner I did notice that unlike other toners this toner was very thick it is made of 33 different greens and it claims to balance the skin and minimize the appearance of large pores I like the way that made my face feel I feel like I did it did balance my skin and honestly I think my pores did look a little smaller. Now this is a toner that you apply with your fingers and you apply it to your face in your neck in circular motions and it really does leave your your skin feeling fresh not sticky or dried out next I applied the serums I started with the bell pepper serum and this is supposed to hydrate and retain moisture and give you a glow from within wow I didn't really see the glow from within I did notice that my skin felt moisturize and it didn't dry out throughout the day next was a product I was excited the most to try and it was a tomato serum if any of you are anything like me I'm pushing 40 years old and I am constantly battling fine lines and wrinkles and this is Byroe's anti-aging product it also happens to be the most expensive there are a lot of claims with his product including fighting dullness fine lines and wrinkles loss of elasticity and smoothing rough dehydrated skin while I can't say with 100% certainty that this product made my skin better because I have been trying a lot of other products I did notice a positive change in my skin using the product I do feel like my lines are more minimized and my skin is less dull. Finishing out the line was the salmon cream and I just want to say that this was by far my favorite product of the whole line I have tried a lot of moisturizers and most of them leave my skin feeling like there is residue or greasy this cream however made my skin feel fresh and made it feel baby smooth and I absolutely love it this comes in at number 2 for the most expensive product at $120 that being said while these products are absolutely amazing they are not really affordable for your everyday person the cheapest product they have is the rice cleansing sorbet and it is $72 I do not want to detract from the quality of the products but the price tag that throws me off just a little bit needless to say when I run out of all these samples I will not be able to repurchase them all the products are basically used the same way, with the exception of the rice cleansing sorbet and the bitter essence toner. They are applied twice a day to face and neck in the morning and at night and the rice and bitter green are used whenever you wash your face overall I really like the products not none of them had a smell I thought for sure but the names of each one that I was going to have some gross smell with it but there really wasn't smell for any of them which is nice because I don't like putting skin care products on my face that have  fragrances.

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  • Amanda Lingle

    EVERY single one of these are AMAZING with incredible positive reviews. I want to try the tomato serum soo bad. Did you know tomatos kill bad bacteria on your face the causes breakouts? Also takes away dead skin cells to leave your face smooth and radiant. All those others you have listed are all so amazing. I have read alot about them.