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Can you tell the difference? James Charles Palette DUPE

One eye is the Morphe x James Charles Palette. The other eye is the Wet n Wild The 40 palette. Can you tell the difference?
I can say the palettes are similar but 100% the same.
They are both amazing paletts & I will continue to use them.
See full review on my YouTube channel. RaynaSugarSkull (not sure if I can link it).

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  • Rose Katz

    They both look really similar. The only difference is one side looks slightly brighter than the other. It looks so good, though. I love when shadows are super pigmented. I am a huge fan of rainbow make up. I would wear it all day every day if I could. Thanks for showing us! I would love to know which is which. 🥰

  • Cheryl

    Love this look and thank you for the review.

  • Danielle Freeman

    These are a very pretty set up! I wish I had that talent.

  • theresa

    are you a makeup artist you have good skills i would love to do my makeup like this but dont know how .im going to try to find the palette and try to recreate this look . the colors are beautiful and really stand out ,their so vibrant and not dull and patchy .

  • Stephanie

    Looks great, your very talented!

  • Tabitha Mckendrick

    Love it!!!! 😍😍😍

  • Shell🐚Bee🐝

    Wouldn't wear such bold colors myself, bit this does look really cool

  • Dana Fredrickson

    Love the way you transformed your eyelids into a beautiful Rainbow of shimmery colors. Great Review!

  • Melissa

    Gah!! The color combination and placement you used are beautiful!! I strive to get my makeup to look that good! ♡

  • Sara Smart

    I agree that top photo 's colors all " pop" , are more vivid & stand out & catch your eye asap.But I don't know if that's always a good thing.Personally I don't care for such out there makeup.I have had to learn to live with health issues & now have accepted myself & 1st thing noticed I do not want to be my makeup only.I must admit , I am a statement maker at times, but not with makeup.Altho, at something for LBGTQ event , statements like this might be good. What are the price differences if I may ask dear? & ingrefients?

  • Sarah Wennihan

    The biggest difference I notice is the yellow on both the inner eye and below the eyebrow. Top right looks a little brighter and more vibrant as well as looks like it blends a little better. The purple in the top right is a little more of a vibrant shade vs the bottom left which has a darker hue. The bottom left purple seems to blend better. Which eye is which palette?!

  • Meagan

    Now I want to try it out, I love dupes (thrifty person!)

  • Jennifer Henning

    Wow!!! Very colorful and beautiful. I'm not sure you I'd be able to pull this look off but you sure do!! You go girl! Amazing!

  • sally peabody

    Wow ! Well this good to see

  • Amy Haggard

    These colors look amazing girl! You did a fantastic job! The colors really pop in this palette!

  • Misty

    A bit dark. But I like it

  • Corey Haddix

    IDK if its the angle and lighting but the photo on the top right seems to have more vibrant colors than the bottom left... I love these colors though I wish I was bold enough to wear them

  • linda umbenhour


  • linda umbenhour

    WOW gorgeous eyes I love it !!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • Diana Hammonds

    These colors are vibrant and beautiful😍😍

  • Rachski

    Definitely can't tell the difference, more than anything, your eyes look simply breathtaking!! I wish I could do the same!! I must watch your video. I'm sure there will be many many trial and errors, if I can even do it 😁 My 12 yr old seems to have better make up skills at this point lol

  • Micheala

    Love this

  • wendi king

    Cant tell the difference in look or color but how is the wear time? BTW that is beautiful work, I wish i had the lid space for something like that.

  • Laura

    I can't tell the difference between them but I think they're pretty I'll have to watch the video see if I can learn how to do tha


    very pretty.going to watch videos to be able to do that love it

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