Charcoal love!!!

So I'm pretty new to the whole reviewing thing, I just picked up this product today by so fresh so clean. It is a peel off charcoal mask. It's got this cool little applicator thing that I absolutely fell in love with it..... It made it so easy to apply and cut down on the mess i was expecting.  I got a pretty even application using their included applicator. The tub has got a nice wide opening on it, making it easy to get out what you need.  I would be careful when initially opening the jar as it does have pretty little white sealer lid that tends to explode when you're trying to remove it (think marshmellow cream). All of that being said once I applied the mask it felt great. It dried very evenly.  When it came time to remove the mask it was kind of what I expected slightly painful. Lol...  It is a product designed to pull stuff out of pores and peel off of your skin so it was definitely kind of a DUH that hurts moment but not extremely bad. It did work great, I saw a lots of blackheads get removed and it looked really cool like there was little hairs sticking out of the mask but it was all the dirt from my pores.  The best part of it all is how my skin felt afterwards it is like baby soft and I can't stop touching it because it just feel so good.  This product only runs around $7 at Walmart, which makes it a great little steel and I am very pleased with it.

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