Charolette Tilbury stary eyes eyeshadow palette

let's talk about charolette Tilbury's stary eyes eyeshadow palette.

so I got this palette yesterday.. maybe the day before and all I can do is stair at how beautiful it is. 

so my question is who has this palette and did I make the right decision on purchasing this beautiful palette? What are your thoughts? Does it blend well? Does anyone have any looks with this palette they could share? 

my reason for asking is I'm debating selling it as I sell high-end makeup on Facebook, Depop, mercari, & poshmark though mainly sell on Facebook in my beauty group. So I'd love thoughts on this palette may it be positive or negative. I want to hear it!!  Thanks everyone for reading!! 💜💞

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  • theresa

    beautiful palette does any one have swatches?

  • sally peabody

    It is very nice and so is that Michael Kors scarf.. i have the same one in dark grey and white. The colors in the palette are all very light too me... not enough contrast. I really can not wear the blue which is the darkest I think. Someone will love it though

  • Melissa Griffith

    I love Charlotte Tilbury and sadly didn't get to purchase this before it sold out. If you do sell it please give me the name of your Facebook group. I would gladly purchase it.

  • Stephanie Grant

    Wow I love these colors, I have to try this out

  • Sarah

    Oh looks beautiful! Charlotte tilbury is a good name. I'd be interested myself if it blends well would love to try! Possibly buy!