My skin has been loving this new skin care routine the real barrier moisturizer pads  came in clutch this season. I havent had any skin reaction 🙌🏽 (celebrations for that.) I absolutely love the little tweezers it comes with for hands free contact. 
🦋The hydration liquid is gel like due to the aloe. 
🦋The pads are saturated with Cica cream which is formulated with calamine. This helps protect any irritation of the skin (thankfully I dont have) 

〽️Ive been using this for over week now and have experienced results of clear skin and also my dead flaky skin around my forehead has improved but not fully recovered ! Ive changed up my routine for this fall. You can also use this for any other areas around the body that needs hydration or irritated areas. 

🦋no parabens and mineral oil 🦋

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