Club Factory

The Color club nails shades came in bubble proof packaging whcih was good. 

The nail shades I loved the most was Yes, of Quartz. One application of this mail shade was enough to make my dusky fingers shine.

My second fav of the lot is MATTE-ERIAL girl. It is perfect shade of gold with matter ...not to sascy and neither to flashy.... just perfect for the Cleopatra look.

Next one I liked was under the weather .... just like our current situation with COVID. The reason I liek this shade is...I have seen it in so many of my friends and thought I could not pull it off ....thanks color club and prismpop to give an opportunity to try it. I am now in love with this shade too...

MARTIAN,MARTIAN,MARTIAN the name fits the shade perfectly.i never thought I would like green especially since it's almost a shade you don't see much.... although loving this shade for it being a color of scrubs... And will apply it as tribute to all the frontline workers..

Last but not least ...Cobbler gobbler....I am not in love with this shade...first of all because it needed to 2 coats although that wasn't the hassle as with color club nail lacquers....they dry up soon ..... although this shade isn't something I can pull off....

Also this is the brand I am going from now onwards, as they dry instantly  on my nails....and trust me ....for other nail shades ...I have tried so many options like soaking my hands in ice cold water ... .ouch ... And nothing works.... although these nail shades drybso quickly ....I don't have to worry about anything anymore.. .

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