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Hello my PrismPop fam! 

I hope you are all healthy, happy, and taking time for yourselves! You deserve it! 💜

I'm so happy to try Collective Laboratories Revive Activating Serum and sharing this journey with you! This summer, after turning 30-something, I noticed that my hair was far from what it used to be. After years of highlighting and color treating, 3.5 months of daily exposure to the chlorinated water in my pool, years of keeping my long and heavy hair in tight braids or ponytails, and the drastic weather changes in Upstate NY, I noticed that I have some major thinning areas in my hair! I'm seeing way more scalp than I want to! This product has come into my life at the perfect time! 

This head needs some help! 

Collective Laboratories has traveled the globe to find what other countries and cultures do about thinning hair. I know many of us take a daily biotin supplement, orally, and it travels through our digestive system as we hope to see actual results on our hair. Collective Laboratories has gathered the top quality ingredients, from traceable origins, and made a formula that we put exactly where we need it- directly on our hair and scalp! I like this idea way more than a pill. This serum treats the scalp with amino acids, minerals and powerful botanicals that help rebalance oil levels and maintain healthy hair growth. 

I love the clean and sleek bottle. The eyedropper applicator makes it so easy to get the product exactly where you need it with no drips or mess. 

The scent is HEAVENLY!! OH. MY. GOSH! I wish the pictures on the screen could be scratch and sniff! It is so clean and fresh! There is nothing artificial at all. I'm literally obsessed with how great this formula smells! Since you apply the product on clean, dry hair, your hair smells delicious and fresh all day! 

The consistency of this formula is quite like the consistency of a good facial serum. It isn't watery or greasy at all. The directions for use are very simple too! 

I absolutely LOVE it when things are this easy! 


I am about 5 days into trying my serum. Again, I can't stress enough how easy it is to use and how amazing it makes my hair smell. My hair doesn't feel greasy at all either! My hair is feeling quite soft, and I'm surprised at the amount of volume this gives me! My hair doesn't feel nearly as brittle as it did and my scalp feels better than I can ever remember. I'm not at all itchy, and there has been a drastic reduction in flakes/dry scalp already. 

I look forward to updating you with my progress throught this journey. I really hope to drastically reduce the amount of scalp visable on my temples and strengthen my hair overall so it can withstand the weight from the length! 


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