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Collective Laboratories Serum Tester Bag 🔅 Week 2 🔅

So far, week 2 of trying this activivating serum has shown some surprising results! I wasn't entirely sure how the formula would react with my combination skin, so I'm glad to report that it has actually been helping my scalp area. All the wonderful natural ingredients in this bottle not only smell lovely in a serum, but also have unique properties to remedy your hair and scalp. 

Pros: •Great smell (Seriously heavenly) •Easy/quick to apply • Natural Ingredients • Travel friendly
Cons: •None yet! •If you are looking for immediate results "day of" this product may not be what you're looking for...but the wait is worth it!

Results Week 2

☆Compared to Week 1☆ I did notice that after daily application my forehead/scalp was considerably less oily. I also noticed I wasn't itching my scalp as often due to dry/oiliness. I'm surprised I've already noticed a difference! 

☆Week 3 Results...Coming Soon☆ I hope to see the areas of my forehead where I have thin, baby hairs to fill in a bit more. I'm confident that my skin will continue to be calm while using this and have no oil/dry flare ups...but if it changes I'll be sure to let you all know!

I love to save money on skincare any chance I can get, so here is a coupon for your first month 💖

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