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Collective Laboratories Serum Tester Bag 🔅 Week One🔅

Lately, the skin on my face has been going from dry to combination and it's been affecting my scalp as well! This week I've been testing Collective Laboratories Activating Serum with ginseng and biotin 🎉 and I'm excited to tell you my first impressions.

Key Ingredients: ​Ginseng Extract - Biotin - Pumpkin Seed Oil - Lilac Stem Cells - Malabar Kino Bark -Birdock Root 🌱 These ingredients work to help promote and maintain healthy hair growth, prevent breakage, and control oil + dandruff on the scalp.

♡Packaging♡ This serum came in a cute little box with a beautiful botanical pattern. The box included an information packet highlighting the benefits of this serum, its natural ingredients, and the wonderful comoany behind the product.

◇Formula◇ You all will just loveeee the smell of this formula! It's very earthy and fresh smelling with a hint of floral notes. The applicator made it easy to apply the droplets to my dry/oily scalp and I massaged it in with no stickiness on my fingers. I have been blow during my hair afterward or leaving it to air dry if I have nowhere to be.

□First Impressions□ I have a few areas on my scalp I'd like to make look more filled with thick hair, (darn those baby hairs!) so hopefully I'll see some results in that area. My scalp is also dry sometimes and oily other times, this serum should help to control that in the future. I really love how it smells and feels on my skin, very cooling. I haven't noticed anything changing yet, but good things come to those who wait! I can't wait to update you all next week.


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