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Collective Laboratories - Week 2!

I was so sad! Because.... What you are seeing here in the images is mid of my head/scalp where I lost hair due to forgetting to remove a metal hairpin and sleeping on it every day for about a week or 2. Please do not do that. 

Thankfully, I got this amazing Activating hair Serum by Collective Laboratories!

So I've been using this Activating Serum by Collective Laboratories for two weeks now. some days I used it after the shower and the day after a shower. I also used it before styling my hair. 

Please disregard the dandruff, that isn't the result of using this serum. I naturally have some dandruff since I stopped using coconut oil on my hair. 

So let's get into the product now. 

Properties: The product has a thick serum-like texture with a scent that it a little bit like old wood or lily like, I can't quite pinpoint the exact name for the scent. But, it is a pleasant scent that seems natural. It also gives off some citrusy like scent. So it's a mix of scents.

Packaging: It has a cute packaging and the product is easy to take out using the applicator.  

Application: the first time that I applied it, it gave me a light cooling sensation, however, when I massaged it into my scalp, it gave my scalp a burning sensation. I noticed that no matter which part of the scalp it is applied to, the first time it will burn a little bit. Thankfully though, I only had the burning sensation the very first time. It disappeared when I applied the serum a second time and afterwards to the same area on my scalp. It is easy to apply and I noticed that it does get absorbed into my scalp real quick.

It is recommended to use one full applicator, I am not sure if that is supposed to be for the whole scalp since it's not specified. But having said that, for me personally, one full applicator is insufficient for the entire scalp. Luckily, I only needed to apply it to my patches where I have hair loss. Having said all that, I'd suggest to use a little bit each time because it can make the scalp feel oily if more than necessary is used. I have a dry scalp these days and so it seems to eat out a lot. 

Results/Effectiveness: I was extremely surprised to see that this product actually worked within 2 weeks! As you can see, I have some hair growth in the after picture. It is a much better alternative than coconut oil to keep my scalp nourished and not lose any hair either. It exceeded my expectations because I didn't think that it would actually work. Now I need to fix my hair loss patch and can't wait to see it be full with hair!

Price: for $39, it is so worth it because it's effective and has no side effects. 

I wholly recommend it. 


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  • Jennifer Henning

    Nice review. You so lucky to have been able to try this product. I would have loved to try this. My hair is so thin and I'm constantly trying to find the right products to fix it. I can definitely see results. Thanks for sharing your review.

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