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Color Club Nail

I'm sorry but in my opinion after recieveing the 5 bottels of Color Club Nail Laquor it's a did not stand up to my standards. Ok so the first bottels Matte-Erial-Girl oh my gosh it might of went on ok but the color dull as heck so I covered it up w the clear sparklie in our living room not in my work I don't have the bottels of Color Club Nail Laquors w me.but really if there all as bad as the First one I'm not putting any more on my rather the natural look no Laquor s or Polished at all..don't get me wrong I know several people on Prism Pop have received the Color Club Nail Laquors and like them this is just my own personal opinion..not downloading ng the company just doing my own review on this product.not trying to cause drama or make any one up yay have a good safe from the Corona virus..

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  • Kelly K

    Really it's a joke? I just can't believe you and all your posts. I have a 10 year old daughter that is extremely upset that we didn't get lucky enough to receive one of these and you are on here saying how you are going to throw it away. That they are ugly. Really? If you didn't like the colors then you shouldn't have applied so maybe someone that really wanted like my daughter could of gotten it instead. You are extremely ungrateful. Why don't you just mail the package to me and I'll put it to good use. SMH!!!!

  • sally peabody

    Well that is a shame I have found these polishes to be extremely pretty when applied correctly. Probably you should have given it another shot on a better day. I am sorry to offend you but this just sounds like you have no clue to how to properly apply polish.

  • Maggie

    Matte-erial girl is not supposed to be shiny. It's supposed to be matte... it's right there in the name, girl. If you don't like nail polishes (or can't apply them without getting it goopy) maybe you shouldn't have applied to be a tester for 5 nail polishes, and instead, let someone else actually enjoy the products. I hate to think that you're throwing all 5 of these away as you said in your review. What a waste!