Color Club nail polishes from the Prismpop tester bag 

💖 Hello friends! 💖

I got the Prismpop tester bag with Color club nail polishes and I am so excited! All of them are so beautiful! The bottle is plain but pretty. I'm surprised that scent is not too overpowdering. It's very easy to apply and you need only two coats for a full coverage.

💗 Martian, Martian, Martian - this is sage green shade and has a beautiful glossy finish. 

💗 Yes, of quartz - shiny iridescent color. When I saw it, immediately fell in love. It's so pretty and sparkly. Only bad thing is that it's hard to remove. TIP: Apply PVA glue on your nails as a base coat, wait for it to dry and then apply nail polish. You can peel it off easier without nail polis remover. 


💗 Feeling under the weather - beautiful light grayish/blue color with glossy finish. 


💗 Matte-erial girl - metallic gold shade, it's beautiful and sparky. 


💗 Cobbler Gobbler - neon orange color with glossy finish, perfect for summer. It would be so pretty on tanned skin. 


I loved all of them but Martian,Martian,Martian and Yes,of quartz are my favorites from this collection. Color club nail polishes are non-toxic and cruelty free. Also they are super afforable. I am impressed and I will definitely purchase other shades too. 

What is your favorite shade from these nail polishes? 

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