Color Me Tan

Hi Ladies! I'm here to tell you about my latest 😍! As you can tell I've gotten some sun over the weekend! Pool and gardening! My issue is my legs! I can NEVER get any color on them! Try and try and all I manage is to burn my thighs! Now I have had my share of self tanner incidents...hello orange! Hello streaks! Hence my search for gradual natural looking color! Jergens Natural Glow Daily Moisturizer in fair to medium $8.49 picked up at Walmart on whim; for 22oz I couldn't pass it up. Hello bargain! Whether your looking for that first initial summer glow or your looking to intensify your already established tan, this daily moisturizer does the trick!

After exfoliating, and a close shave, apply evenly, avoiding the knees and ankles. Don't forget to wash your hands after!

Has an award winning fragrance, not too overpowering, just subtly alluring. No tanning salon smell here! Absorbs quickly and evenly leaving skin soft and glowing! Voila!

I could really tell the difference on Day 3! No more embarrassing white legs! 

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