ColourPop “Sweet Talk” Eyeshadow Palette

Hi beauties!

Today I am reviewing this beautiful ColourPop “Sweet Talk” Eyeshadow Palette which is part of ColourPop's Spring 2019 collection! This palette retails for USD$18.00 and you can purchase it from their website. It has 12 shadows, a mixture of finishes ranging from matte, metallic and heir new pressed glitters. The glitters are a new innovated formula that does not require an adhesive to use! 

Front of the palette

Back of the palette (with eyeshadow names)

I just love the overall look of this palette with the mix of mattes, glitters, metallics and the beautiful golden coral warm shades! It’s such a beautiful Spring-inspired palette! It unfortunately does not have a mirror included but for the price-point I can’t complain too much about that (although it would be amazing if one was included!).


Swatches of each shade (no primer used)

Catch Me: matte pastel peach
Side2Side: warm champagne with silver and pink glitter
Garden Date: metallic coral with a gold sheen
Work It: soft matte yellow orange
Prima Drama: pale rose gold glitter with a copper and gold duochrome shift
Meadow: matte true coral
Early Mornin’: marigold glitter
Dream Maker: matte soft coral
ICYMI: matte dirty terracotta
Melody: metallic rose with a gold flip
West Side: matte camel
Feel Free: rich matte Bordeaux

The shadow quality is really really nice! They are super pigmented with minimal fall-out. I love their new pressed-glitter formul. You truly do not need to use any adhesives with these, because the formulation is already naturally adhering. It makes using glitters significantly less messy and super easy & convenient! Overall, I really love this palette. Once again ColourPop has blown me away with their amazing quality and affordable prices.

I did post a YouTube video where you can see my first impressions of the palette there, along with a tutorial using the palette!

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XO Julia

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  • Pauline

    ColourPop is so with it. Love the apple blossom cover and color pink packaging for this palette. Sweet Talk presentation looks very unique and professional pictured. Great break down and posted review. I can use this palette and want to try; the price is right! Thanks for sharing these powder soft colors for Fall.

  • Sylvia Foster

    Super cute colors and swatches, love the pinks and red. I normally go for blues and greens for the brights, but this, this I could definitely work with to create a nice arrange of looks. Thank you for sharing.

  • Sam Trust

    love your pictures!

  • Nicole

    Those are some Sweet colors🍬🍭

  • Jennifer Henning

    Love all these colors. I honestly cannot chose which one I like most because I would wear all of them. Awesome review.

  • Joylynn Grindle

    Girl i want this palette love the colors

  • Nina

    Love the colors

  • Joylynn Grindle

    Girl you did a awesome job on this review one of the best I've seen. Also you look great

  • Zoey

    I love ColourPop palettes!! So pigmented and has such stunning colours! Can’t wait to add this to my collection sometime😍

  • Summer

    You look absolutely stunning! I’m so loving the pallet and the price! So affordable and beautiful. Great Review 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  • Sarah Wennihan

    Ohh I am checking to see if this is still available! So pretty and 100% a color story I would rock. Those glitters have me intrigued. I have pur palette that has some glitters so curious to see how this preforms compated to theirs. Thanks for the review dear.

  • Joyce McDaniel

    This is such a pretty palette and love the colors. Thank you for this review.

  • Sylvia Foster

    I ABSOLUTELY! Love the gilltered eye shadows. I have never been brave enough to try that much pzazz. But after seeing the swatches and the way it looks. I wana be risky, I love try new colors to mix and seeing what I can come up with. This is so super cute. Looks good on you too, thanks for the review. I know no what I need for great colors.

  • Tracy

    I love all these colors. The product looks amazing. Would live to try!!

  • Melissa

    Not only is your makeup gorgeous, but you are too!! This palette really brings out the glow in you! I am a huge fan of these colors, and have had my eye on this specific palette for quite a while. After reading and looking at your video makes me want this product even more!

  • Julia F

    So pretty!! I really want this!

  • Jenna Lemke

    Love this pallete!!!

  • Corey Haddix

    Beautiful Pallete ... these are my kind of shades and love the sparkle on some of them

  • Vanessa jaramillo

    So beautiful, i want it 😩

  • Tori Renee


  • Sidney Dale

    I have wanted to try this pallete specifically because of the pressed glitters versus the way some pressed glitters are where the formula is greasy or has bad fall out. Thanks for tempting me! Great review and pictures.

  • Ashley Gross

    I love this palette! It has so many gorgeous shades and all very wearable for everyday makeup looks! I love that you can spice up a look for a night out on the town, or wear it to your office job the next morning. The pigmentation is amazing as well! I loveeee @colourpop so much!

  • Destiny

    I would really like to try this pallet it's so pretty.

  • Neleigha

    so pretty that is a def everyday palet for me

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