Complexion is Queen 👑 with Oh K!

Hi babes! Today I will be unboxing this Glowing Moisturizer with Citrine by Oh K! 
- Citrine helps brighten a tired and dull complexion 💎
- Sulfate free 🚫
- Gluten Free 🚫
- Vegan 🥬
- Not tested on animals 🐰
- It's thick consistency comes from shea butter being a main ingredient, which is perfect for softening the skin, and keeping it smooth
- Rapeseed oil has emollient properties and is a natural source of Vitamin E 🌱
- I am obsessed with this iridescent packaging, I hope my skin glows just like it after using the product!
- The term Chok Chok translates to “damp” or “moist,” so this product is going to help you achieve that look by giving you a super hydrated, bouncy complexion
- Love the juxtaposition between the colorful box, and pale pink jar. Both super girly!
- The seal helps block out light and air that can break down active ingredients in your creams, don't throw it out
- The cream is super thick, feels luxurious
- After rubbing it in, it surprised me how light weight it felt
- I waited 10 minutes, it didn’t leave my skin feeling oily or sticky, but I could still see how luminous it was!
If you seek is a radiant dewy complexion, this oh k glowing moisturizer is your product!!
💖 What's your go-to moisturizer? 💖
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