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Contour galore

Juno & co really outdone their selves when they came out with this angled contour sponge it is absolutely amazing it works perfect with full coverage make up and it blends flawlessly you can save 50% more make up product and spend 50% less applying with their innovative design it feels amazing plus it's hypoallergenic and at the end of the day it's such a reasonable price you should just buy the whole line.

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  • Crystal Jones

    I need to try this sponge!I have heard great thing about it.I am also curious on where to purchase it?

  • Missy Oakley

    The contour sponge was my favorite out of the line. Just makes contouring so much easier.

  • Sarah

    I have seen this sponge before and had wondered how it performed! Glad to hear it works so well! Thanks for sharing. Also where can you buy this? Haven't seen in store only online.