Cool steps into relaxation

This was my first go with a foot mask. It was nice to know that there's something to take care of our feet as well while making our faces too. The packaging is pretty normal but cute cause it has little feet on the front. The back has directions and ingredients In many languages so you can understand what and how you use it. This Oh K! Rejuvenating peppermint foot mask is for those long days of running around town and doing outdoor activities. Even though we are restricted on certain places and things to do. Our feet tend to be more tired than normal. It's white thick plastic made with the cute logo Oh K! All over. Inside is a thin mesh layer covered with this peppermint foot cream that feels like a serum-lotion that smells pretty nice. There are plastic tape pabs so you can adjust to your liking. To use, slide your foot inside pull close tabs to your comfort fit. Don't worry nothing is going to leak out of the socks. Sit for 10-20 min then remove and your done. 

My experience with these socks are so mind blowing. To think that I have spent so much money on trying to get my feet together! I haven't use a foot mask before and I was exited to try them. I was happy that I was able to walk around with ease nor slipping on carpet and tile floor. They were comfy and non irritating. After I took them off, I rubbed the rest of the cream in and my feet felt soo soft and smooth. I was shocked because I didn't have to file or scrub before or after. My heels were extremely soft. And they were extremely moisturized and soft. I am definitely going to keep foot mask in my routine. Have you tried them before and which ones have you tried?

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