CoverFX Foundation as Contour Looks Amazing on Darker Skin Tones

Hi, PrismPop! It's Shauna and today I’m showing you my go-to product for creating a cut, sculpt, contoured makeup look.
If you thought it was hard to find a foundation shade for darker skin tones, it’s even harder to find a contour shade. There’s lots of contour products on the market but pretty much none go deep enough to actually shade in those areas of my cheek bones that I want to sculpt out.
But as it turns out, you don’t need a contour kit to get your cheekbones looking sharp. All you need is a foundation a few shades deeper than your typical color. Only some companies have shade ranges that cover these needs and for me, Cover FX is that brand.
Cover FX started out as a foundation company and they’re all about complexions. Their foundation boasts 40 colors in their shade range, and the distribution of shades is equal all the way from the fairest to the deepest of them all.
The Pressed Powder Foundation ($38) is Cruelty Free, Gluten Free, Paraben Free and even Mineral Oil Free. It is oil absorbing so oily skin types will love this mattifying powder. I’ve also heard good things from users with combination skin and sensitive skin.
It comes in a little compact with a mirror and a squishy pad to dab with - but since I use it as a contour, I use a brush for a more precise application.
This product gives me enough pigment to shade under my jawline, cheekbones and forehead without looking ashy.
I am a big fan of Cover FX and will continue to use this foundation product as my contour along with their under eye concealer which I show off in another video! Check it out here.
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Leave me a comment - what do you contour with? If not, what’s your HG makeup product?
Have a great day!
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