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Custom lip color anyone?

Just got my custom lip color from Finding Ferdinand! I paid $6 for a mini of my color. Named it after myself because I couldn't think of a name but I love the color!

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  • Marija

    This is very interesting color. I hope it looks good on you. I didn't know you can make a custom lip color. I will have to check out Finding Ferdinand and see what I can come up with. Pls check out my posts, comment, like and follow me. Thanks! šŸ’ž By doing this, you get coins you can use for amazing rewards. Thanks šŸ‘šŸ’‹

  • Kelly K

    How neat I didn't know you could do that. What a pretty color you created! I'm going to have to check that out. Thanks so much for sharing!!!

  • Hibah

    That is so cool, never knew that would be possible! Thank you for sharing! I love this color and absolutely adore lipsticks with a creamy finish! I think I might try this out. If I was you, I would name it Lavishing Lavender or something. I am bad at thinking of names too! May as well make my one one while Iā€™m at it, right?

  • Etina

    thats awsome!!

  • TripleB

    Oh wow this is so cool, thanks for sharing