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Days 0-2 with Collective Laboratories Activating Serum

For the past few months I've noticed that I was suffering from more hair fall than usual while showering. I was also seeing a lot more of my scalp than I used to. I've been using an anti-thinning shampoo for about 3 weeks which doesn't seem to be doing much. I was also using a DIY scalp serum for several weeks before introducing the shampoo which also didn't seem to help with the hair fall (but did seem to encourage growth of what I already have).
As you can imagine, I was very excited to be chosen for this tester bag!

First impressions: I like that this is supposed to address hair issues at the root (pun totally intended). Actually, to be more accurate and less punny, it's supposed address any scalp issues that can be causing issues with your hair. Half of the key ingredients (ginseng extract, biotin, and pumpkin seed oil) are those I'm already familiar as ingredients that are supposed to help with hair health, the other half (lilac stem cells, malabar kino bark, and burdock root) I hadn't heard of in terms of hair care but the included guide explained how they help with scalp health (which will hopefully help with hair growth).

Day 0: Took "before" photos for reference. Eagerly awaiting the serum to be delivered.
Day 1: Serum is here! I actually pick up my mail later in the evening but Collective Laboratories mentions that the Activating Serum is also a great dry shampoo alternative. My hair's a little greasy as I didn't shampoo this day (just washed with water) so why not? Doesn't really seem to be making a much of a difference and I'm not feeling my scalp warm. Go to bed.
Day 2: Oh! My hair looks good and not greasy when waking up! Maybe it needed time to soak up excess oil? Time to try it after showering with towel dried hair.
Big difference. Because my hair is still a little damp, when I rub it into my scalp the serum seems to foam a bit. Also, I'm feeling the heat on my scalp. It's a little more intense than I expected, but I like it.

The heating sensation only seems to occur for me when using it immediately after showering while the scalp/hair is a little damp.
If you know you're not going to wash your hair the next day, using this the night prior seems to help soak up excess oil.
I do like the dropper as it lets you target parts of your scalp, but it took a little bit of trial and error to get the dosing right.

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