Dewy Look Skin Prep with Touch in Sol

Hey everyone!

Today I’m going to show you how to prep your skin for a dewy makeup look using Touch in Sol Skincare products.

First I exfoliate my skin with the Touch in Sol Mission Complete Scrub. This takes off any dull dead skin leaving the radiant fresh skin beneath glowing. You massage it into your face and then rinse with warm water.

Second I take a small amount of the Touch in Sol All in One Beauty Aid Cream and dab it all around my face. This is ultra-moisturizing and nourishing and so it helps tone and refine the skin.

The last step is my favorite Touch in Sol product - the Glassy Skin balm. Not only does this lock in the previously applied moisturizer but acts as a primer that smooths and brightens my skin, giving it the glow i am trying to achieve.

You can see even after I apply makeup over it, my face is left with a youthful dewy look.

Thanks for watching!

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  • Caer

    This looks amazing, and your review is so well written! Thank you for the amazing read. I can't wait to try this!

  • Flecial Whitley

    Would love to try this

  • Brittany

    Would love to try šŸ˜šŸ˜

  • Bridget Logut


  • Donna

    I've been wanting to try the touch in sol glassy balm for awhile but can never get my hands on it when I have the funds, lol. It looks amazing! Great video, I love dewy skin!šŸ˜

  • Dawn

    I would love to see what I would look like before and after, these products look amazing would really like to try them ā™„ļø

  • Christine Czaiczynski

    I like the scrub and the beauty aid cream but not a big fan of the glassy balm because in warm weather my face sweats more than the rest of me does so I look naturally glassy.

  • Sarah

    I've been wanting to try the glassy skin cream I really think I would love it!

  • Patricia

    Great review on these amazing products! I love Clarins Lip Oils, they're my favorite along with Dior Lip Glow Oil, what I love about Dior's is that the color shifts based on your pH, and it's made with Cherry oil a protectant from environmental aggressors since it's a powerful antioxidant. Well as far as exfoliating I do it 2x a week, I tried a mild exfoliation before makeup, and my skin looked more even in texture and with a nice glow, but I've never tried a deeper exfoliation before makeup due to possible adverse skin reaction.

  • Ja-Nee

    Great review. I exfoliate 2x a week. I typically do it as a night routine. I've never tried it before makeup so I'm not sure how my skin would react. I have 2 favorite glossy lips products. 1st is by Doll 10 LEGEND gloss and 2nd is by L.A. Colors Holographic Lips glosses.

  • Lonnie Ko

    I usually don't exfoliate my face before putting on makeup, I would only exfoliate about 2-3 times a week to get the dead skin off my face and all over my body. I'm not sure how I feel about exfoliating before putting on makeup though. My current favorite lip gloss is a shade called cherry red from the Lime Crime collection. It's moisturizing enough on my lips but doesn't dry out or get too cakey in half an hour.

  • Kelly K

    I can't wait to see if I get cup for this! I want to try it so bad!! Thanks so much for your video!! Exfoliating before make up is fine as long as you make sure you get all the grit off. However I personally don't like to just because I always seem to leave some of the exfoliate behind lol. Plus I just like to enjoy the cleanliness of my face before putting a bunch of stuff back on. Let it rest a little. šŸ˜Š My favorite glossy lip product is Seraphine Berry + Juice in Rose Currant. It smells and tastes amazing! Goes on smooth and glossy (but not too much.) Plus I love the light pink rose shade. I actually like pretty much any lip gloss but that's one of my favorites.

  • katherine wu

    I don't really exfoliate before putting on makeup; I only exfoliate once in the evening and even that dries out my face. I would love to try the glassy skin balm.

  • Chastity Westover

    Exfoliating is a very important part of my skincare routine and I exfoliate twice a week, not just my face but all over my entire body. This helps to slough off dead skin and any leftover dirt and grime from my week. It also gives me a nice smooth canvas to work with and helps with my problematic skin as I have oily, acne-prone skin. I would love to give this exfoliating scrub a try. However the glassy balm looks too greasy for my skin type I prefer a matte primer. Thank you for your video I found it pretty informative.

  • Pauline

    This video you showed about Mission Complete Mild Scrub was too dirty dewy looking on the skin. Liked All-In-One Beauty Aid Cream. The Glassy Skin Balm was too greasy looking. I'am sure it does what it says and feels cool and collected.

  • Nikki

    I have such problematic skin, I have to exfoliate pretty much everyday. Since I do so, my skin is under control. I use a mild exfoliate and then rub moisturizer into my skin for a good 30 seconds. Then I let it sit for about 5 minutes, prime and then apply my makeup or BB cream. Doing all that really contributes to a smooth base.

  • Caroline Cowart

    I use the #TouchInSol #Poreless primer because I prefer a matte finish. The poreless primer works smooths and evens out my skin while blurring my pores. I love it. However, as of late I have really been wanting to try products that give a dewy finish and these would be the perfect products to experiment with.

  • Erin Taranto

    Lovvve!!!!! I'm dying to try these products! Great video, very informative!

  • Prerna Agarwal

    I exfoliate once or twice a week but I don't do it specifically before putting on makeup. I do love Tarte gloss Energy Noir, but I really really want to try the butter gloss by nyx.

  • Tonilynn Rosario

    I do exfoliate 2 times a week in my morning routine for a brighter healthy glow, I see nothing wrong with doing a few times a week . Thank you for the review and close ups of the 3 products used .

  • Rukhsana

    exfoliating before makeup is a great idea because your detoxifying and prepping the skin before your about to coat your face with makeup. prepping the base always shows through makeup, if your base is naturally healthy and nice your makeup will look great on top. i do not have a current favorite lip gloss product as it does not stay on lips for too long but i would like to try the mac clear lip gloss so i can add a dab on any lipstick if im ever in the mood for gloss.

  • natosha miller

    Excellent demonstration of each product. I first off like to say that I agree that the scrub really does a wonderful job cleaning and detoxifying the pores of grime. The results are excellent and allow for a fresh, clean canvas to work with. I so can see using that product on a daily basis, since I'm in love with exfoliating. I just feel much cleaner with such a product. Plus allows the moisturizer, like the one used in this review, would absorb and penetrate into the skin better, That way all the benefits and nutrients would really be doing its job. ā˜ŗ Finally, love the results you've gotten with these products. they really are impressive and have me on the edge to purchase these soon. Especially how well they work and benefit the skin without the need to apply much more to the skin. Thank you and great review! ā˜ŗā™„

  • Joylynn Grindle

    Thank you for the awesome review. I was told in my younger years to never exfoliate before makeup so I'm definitely gonna have to look into this and see if that's changed. My favorite lip gloss at the moment is natural argan oil lip treatment

  • Melissa Green

    Thanks for the great video šŸ¤© I'm dying to try that Touch in Sol Glassy Skin Balm. I've used a few products that are supposed to give you that fresh dewy look but once you apply makeup the dewy finish is lost šŸ’”