DIY Cherry Lemonade ULTRA lip balm

I have been wanting to make my own lip balms for so long, and I finally gathered up everything I might need to make all sorts of Fun ones. Today I want to show you this really fun, easy, and quite cheap way to make your own Ultra lip balm.  I call it ULTRA, because I literally put everything that your lips need, in this one container. I know, I am super impressed with myself on this one.. Now you do NOT have to have all of these things to make an awesome balm. I just happen to go overboard on my posts sometimes lol. I have everything listed though, just in case you want to duplicate this. The steps are easy, I literally put everything you see below into the double boiler and let her rip..

This is an amazing lil double boiler. I like using this so I get a good fusion. No burning your stuff either.


These were a must-have for my daughter.. I think they work perfectly for lippie storage.

The primary benefit of coconut oil is its moisturizing effects. This makes it ideal for chapped lips. Your lips are particularly sensitive to moisture loss because the skin is thin, and they're exposed to the elements more so than other parts of your skin.

                      Beeswax is a natural compound secreted by female bees that is often used in cosmetics, particularly lip balm. This substance is very moisturizing, can help protect the lips from the harmful rays of the sun, and has a pleasant smell. It can also help prevent infections and cold sores.

                Almond Oil helps to rejuvenate your lips by removing the dead skin cells, prevent chapped lips and keeps them moisturized. Vitamin E present in Almond Oil helps to keep your lips healthy and protects it from UV rays which tend to make your lips dark. Almond Oil is rich in fatty acids which help to retain moisture and heals the chapped lips. The emollient property of Almond Oil helps to keep your lips soft and smooth, thus effectively lightens your lips.

                vitamin E oil can be used to relieve chapped, dry lips. Since vitamin E promotes cell turnover and regeneration, using it on dry lips brings new cells to the surface faster. The thick and oily consistency of vitamin E oil can also prevent further irritation.

The flowering desert shrub jojoba, or Simmondsia chinensis, produces a wax that becomes liquid at room temperature. This substance, called jojoba oil, is rich in vitamins E and B complex as well as several minerals. Because it's chemically similar to the skin's natural oil, jojoba oil is ideal for skin care. Blending this oil with other natural ingredients lets you create a variety of lip care products.

Awesome makeup pallet, use for foundation or chopping and mixing makeup. Comes with a chopper spatula


Maybelline's Baby Lips Moisturizing Lip Balm exclusive lip renew formula moisturizes and protects lips. Maybelline Baby Lips Lip Balm provides eight-hour hydration. I also chose this for the shea butter and the cherry properties.

This is a fun glitter that I got from my MEDUSAS makeup subscription. Feel free to use any glitter for makeup use

I love these flavor oils, I have about 30 flavors now and they are prime for lippie making

Thank you for viewing! I had so much fun making this! Do you want to see me make a balm/scrub/gloss? I have EVERYTHING, so drop the 😍❤ and whoever comments first on what they want to see me make, that is what I'll do! I'll see you very soon ✌

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