DIY: Eyebrow Threading Routine


Hey PrismPop friends and fam! So, during lockdown, I’ve really had to teach myself how to groom myself from home. Since I do face the camera quite a bit (I’m constantly on Instagram stories), I could not let my eyebrows grow out like crazy. Thus, I decided it might be a great time to pick up on a new skill--eyebrow threading! Now that I’ve got the hang of it, I honestly feel like I might just keep doing it all on my own from now on!


Here’s the breakdown of what I used:

Givenchy Prisme Libre: Using a loose powder like this one will create a base that makes it easier for the thread to catch the hair. The more matte the powder is, the better.

Measuring Tape: To measure 24 inches of thread (add a few more  inches if your hands are bigger).

Thread: The thread you use should be strong, but not too thick.

Scissors: You will need these not only to cut the thread, but to trim hairs that are too long so the eyebrow shape comes out nice and neat at the end.

Eyebrow Spoolie: You may need to keep combing the brows up through the process to better understand which areas need more threading. Mine was from a set I bought from the brand Kestrel, but I’ve linked another one here since that set is out of stock.

Tweezers: You will need a good pair of tweezers to get the small hairs that you weren’t able to catch with the thread. The ones I used were from a kit I got a long while back, but I’ve linked a nice pair here.


Hope this was helpful!



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  • Micheala

    this looks so easy the way that your doing it. thanks so much for the demo.

  • Kelly K

    You make it look so easy!! I am always amazed at how people can do this. I can never seen to do it right but I'm going to study your video and see if just maybe I can finally figure it out lol. I'll let you how if I succeed. Thanks again for the step by step guide. Your brows look amazing!!

  • Nicole Hoffman

    This is great, thank you 🤓 l love your videos Malvika

  • Jenn