Does this Fruit Peel Jelly Really Perfect Your Skin?

🤑$19.99 for 1 oz
⭐The [Re]fresh Fruit Acid Peeling Jelly claims to exfoliate and give a brighter complexion and softer skin with Glycolic Acid. It also contains Kojic Acid, which is known to dark spots and scars.
🎁The packaging is a substantial glass tube with a glass dropper. The material inside has a bouncy gel consistency and is slightly cooling on the skin.
✅ I use it at nighttime. I apply it allover my face and leave it on for 3 minutes. I then wash it off with cool water. I continue with applying my serums and moisturizer.
👍👎It feels great on the skin and does not irritate my skin. However, I didn’t notice any huge results on my skin. I guessed that it was because my skin is already used to glycolic acid, but not completely sure. If you are apprehensive about using AHA’s, I’d suggest starting with this and working up towards stronger products.
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  • Amanda Lingle

    Always looking for a good product for my acne prone skin. I have never used an acid before. I have seen other reviews of this that people really promote it. I guess its everyones skin is different But I for sure want to give it a try.

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