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😎We have contacted the selected PrismPop Testers for this week via email!
💖Missed out on this round of tester bags? Follow us for more updates and upcoming tester bags!

We were overwhelmed with the amount of support and applications this week! Thank you 😍 DON’T WORRY! We will increase our supply of tester bags next week so more people get the chance to try amazing products!!

😘🧐If you were not selected this week, here are a few things you can do increase your chances of being selected.

😍SIGN UP: If you did not create a PrismPop account, your were automatically disqualified. 
- Check out the products in our Products page and review something you have used!
 If the product is not listed, go ahead and link where we can find your review! If you write “have not reviewed any product” in the application form, we will not select you
👯‍♀️INVITE (and make sure they sign up): Invite your friends to PrismPop. The more friends that sign up, the more likely you will be chosen to be on the Review Squad! Go invite now!

🤓Make sure you know the RULES 😎
💫You are required to review all products authentically and thoroughly, incorporate the products into your routine and document your experience. Pictures are required ❣️
💫Your product reviews are due 1 week after your receive the products, if you do not complete product reviews for all 7 products you will be disqualified for future applications.☹️
💫Product review must adhere to the PrismPop product review guideline to ensure they are informative, honest, and helpful. 

See you next week! We'll be back with another Tester Bag! Love you all! 

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