Double Duty Mist by Knours - The Starter Kit

Yall, I am a Knours fanatic! So far, all they prouducts I love. This "Double Duty Mist " spray hunty hunty it's a real slap in the face of freshness. It felt like a refresher, booster, with a very unique smell that left me energized. Great for the morings. Try it and again thank me later!!!

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  • Christy Sargent

    I use Thayer's Facial Mist! I use it all throughout the day to refresh, wake up, & regroup. I love all Facial mists! A great pick me up when you hit a crash!

  • Gabby

    I can't wait to try this product I need something to refrsh in the morning

  • Natalie

    This Double Duty Mist looks great and left her with a perfect glow!

  • Leslie burns

    Oh I would love to try this!!

  • Ritzie Key

    YAY! I won the 10K coins! THANK YOU, #PrismPop! Very grateful! OXO <3

  • Mone john

    Looks super good and legit

  • Naf

    That looks effective! The skincare product that made a great difference for me is the Olay Ultimate Eye Cream! It actually decreases the appearance of my fine lines and even lightens the dark under eye area. Absolutely in love with this cream.

  • jessica powell

    Thanks for sharing! Great video! I'm a fanatic for the Kana skincare line, but my holy grail product is the Kana Active Botanical Essence! They also have an AMAZING Lavender Hemp Overnight Mask & their LIT Facial Oil has helped me step my skincare game up! <3

  • Kristy L

    I love fresh mint or citrus scents that wake up my skin and brain:) For my skin, the best thing I've found is Erborian color corrector. It's green but blends in to neutralize my awful redness and uneven tone. It moisturizes and primes a bit, too. On a more lazy day, I don't bother with foundation afterwards. I looove it.

  • Nicole Bourque

    I'm starting to like the brand "Bliss" by Target! Price points are amazing & they use the latest ingredients, such as ones used in K-Beauty(which is my fav skincare b/c of ALL the natural, botanical & herbal ingredients! NATURE HAS THE CURE FOR MANY MANY THINGS!!! ALSO, ACURE is looking to be a good brand too!

  • Nicole Bourque


  • jessica

    i love that kit!

  • Jennifer

    I’ve never used facial sprays besides toner ... my face is dermologica vitamin c serum

  • Michelle Guttman

    This sounds amazing! I love products that give a boost to the skin!

  • Melissa Jones

    Ive never tried anything like this!

  • Marijana

    Never tried facial sprays. Only can imagine how refreshing could be...

  • Steph delp

    I like skyn Iceland

  • gloria Ashley

    This spray is really awesome makes my skin feel refreshing before going to bed. It is part of my way of life. I love this stuff!!!

  • Melissa Griffith

    The skin care product that has made the biggest difference in my skin is Volition Beauty's Snow Mushroom Serum. I have really dry skin and it works well for me.

  • Nicole Ragle

    I love facial sprays so I really need to try this product. I really love Shiseido’s Benefiance Wrinkle Smoothing Cream Line.

  • Michelle Leighton

    I need to look into trying this product 😁 I will say a product that I REALLY LOVE is the L'OREAL PURE-CLAY MASK, it is a bit hard to wash off bit my face feels sooooo much better after using it

  • April Monty

    Olays regenerist line is my savior,lines and wrinkles seem to disappear with each use.This mist looks interesting ,I'd give it a whirl.

  • Renee Mooney

    You're so beautiful!

  • Ritzie Key

    For me, I am using Clinique Smart Custom Repair Concentrate Serum for softening, firming, brightening, evening tone and minimizing pores. It's been the best anti-aging serum, hands down, lately. Would def be interested in trying out some of Alison's #KnoursDoubleDutMist in a heart beat! Could use a great refreshment, lol. Thanks, ladybug! OXO~

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