Dove be lyin on me, but I think I can forgive

 what's up everyone, it's your real girl Nikki, bringing you the scoop on this Dove Dry Spray. They had 10 varieties to choose from and I chose the *revive

I paid around $6 for this at Wal-Mart and its not the worst anti persparant that ive ever used but it's far from the best. I'm not happy with the fact that it does indeed leave that nasty white dust in your cloths, and it claims that it doesn't. It does however leave me fresh and clean feeling and smelling in the underarm for the 48hrs that was promised.

it's an aluminum aerosal can with plenty of product. Not for the environmentalist 

Thank you for viewing! Have you tried the Dove dry spray? Tell me what you think below. Wanna try? Hit the 😍♥ and comment for a chance at 156 coins. Catch ya later! ✌

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