Dove Care dry shampoo Demo

Hey everyone! Nicole dropping in with a new dry shampoo video for yall! Dove comes in at number 2 on my list! 

Have you ever used the Dove dry shampoo line? What did you think??

DOVE care /between washes/ fresh coconut

📣What it is: a dry shampoo for days when washing your hair is not part of the plan but beautiful hair is.

💵Money: I wanna say I paid around $6 for this 5 oz aerosol can

📝Application: shake can, spray 8-10 inches from head and massage into hair, brush through and style as usual

🤓🗯My final thoughts: So like I stated before this is #2 on my list and ill keep trying the other dove dry shampoos they have to offer as well. This leaves my hair feeling super soft and fresh.

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