Dr. Brandt Skincare: Cool Biotic Prebiotic Redness Relief Cream Review

🌿 I was skeptical at first when I saw "cannabis" labeled on the packaging & glass container. This was my very 1st time trying anything cannabis-related. So, I initially didn't know what to think or expect from the brand or product. However, my mind changed & now thoroughly impressed with good results after using the Cool Biotic Prebiotic Redness Relief Cream for several days. This contained high quality, natural ingredients like water, cannabis sativa seed oil, grape seed extract, & oat kernel flour. No fragrance to be found, so it's safe for me who has very dry, sensitive skin. Basically, it's suitable for all skin types.

🌼 Within the few days of spreading & rubbing this light, creamy texture onto my skin, it started showing positive changes and helped me with cooling, hydrating, & calming the redness and irritation of my skin. Another plus factor was that my skin texture felt more moisturized, nourished, & softer to the touch as well.

🌸 By using this once in the morning & also once before going to bed, I haven't gotten any acne or reacted badly from it so far. In order to maintain the extra cooling sensation, the product was put back in the fridge as recommended after every usage.

🍁 Pleasantly surprised & relieved that the scent was anything but pungent, it just smelled like regular fragrance-free lotion from the local drugstore. Due to its fast absorbency, it seeped into the skin right away so no sticky or greasy feel afterwards. Only downside is the hefty price of $55 per jar. Other than that, everything works great.

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