Drugstore Gem!

🌸  Even though this Beauty 360 brand Charcoal and Black Sugar Mask is inexpensive it still works quite well! This Korean made dual-action scrub & facial mask purifies and exfoliates skin.


🧁  With most sugar scrubs, the sugar begins to dissolve quite quickly and only offers a small amount of resurfacing. This product offers large granules which makes them extremely exfoliating with only the slightest effort. 


🖤  The Activated Charcoal works naturally to purify skin by absorbing oil without over-drying. 


👆Apply this to dry skin and scrub it around as little or as vigorously as you’d like. Leave it on for about 5 minutes to let the charcoal work it’s magic and then wash off and pat dry.


💰It’ll leave your skin exfoliated, soft and hydrated for a fraction of the cost of other products! Excellent drug store find!

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