Look 0 3 4 zeta carly hairspray
Look 1 zeta garnier fructis full control aerosol hairspray
Look 2 carly rave unscented aerosol hairspray

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🤔 If you use hairspray, what are you currently using and why do you prefer it to others? Or why DON'T you use hairspray, if it doesn't work for you?
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➡️24 hour hairspray - under $5! - by Zeta
Drugstore best-kept secret! - by Carly
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❤️Kaitlin White❤️
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  • Daisy

    I usually use #Aussie💜💜🙋 but Rave back in the 80s😜😉

  • Racheal

    I don't use hair spray. I do not like they way it makes my hair feel and it takes days to wash it all out of my hair

  • Amanda Carson

    I've always used Rave but I don't do the hair that doesn't move. I want to find something to keep curls or what I'm trying to keep. Something smooth and soft.

  • AM Gilstrap

    I use Rave Unscented in the pump Hairspray. I have used it for more than 25 years. It is cheap and effective.

  • Yanira zenil

    My favorite hairspray is from Suave it's called Natural compressed Micro Mist. The thing that i love the most about it, its the scent, it smells amazing,sprays evenly and makes styles last longer also it doesnt leave my hair stiff.

  • Jodi Pember

    I use Suave because of the price and because it works well and the can lasts a long time. Its really a great value and a great product

  • Tina Dalasinski

    😍 I. Use suave and I use it because it is cheap and that is what my boyfriend uses we share it

  • Heather Rivera

    I do use hairspray from the drug store i use to buy aqua net but now i buy SGX NYC OR BAMBOO FIBER SPRAY AND THEY BOTH WORK AWESOME BUT THE ONE I LIKE THE MOST IS SGX

  • Brenda Parker

    Congrats Kaitlyn White!

  • Naf

    Congrats Kaitlin!

  • Haley dorrance

    I do use hair spray or any type of products for my hair. I don’t even use curling irons or straightest or blow dryers. I believe all those things ruin people’s hair. If I want to curl my hair I use regular curlers that have no heat just air dry. I don’t have any problems as in frizz split ends or it being dead and I think it’s because I don’t use any of those things I have mentioned