e.l.f. Essential Lip Stains - Vegan Friendly Finds!

E.l.f essential lip stains gave me major K-beauty vibes
A lip stain is perfect for when I don’t feel like a full coverage lipstick, so I am excited to share my first impressions on the affordable E.l.f cosmetics Essential Lip Stain.
📦Packaging – It looks like a marker! The sharp “marker” lip makes it easy to be precise.
👃🏻Scent – it smells like a marker too… ok
💋Color –Berry blush is a buildable sheer berry. Crimson red is a more pigmented and vibrant red.
⏰Application and wear – The buildable Berry Blush color gave me major K-beauty ombre lip vibes and I’m not mad! I had to reapply the lip stain 3-4 times throughout my day, and it doesn’t stain the lip much. I wasn’t looking for longevity in the lip stain so I had no problem reapplying, plus it is so easy I didn’t even need a mirror.
👍Verdict – I 100% recommend you trying these out if you want a change of pace from bold lipsticks! They’re easy to wear and affordable, $2, you can’t beat that.
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  • Sarah

    I have seen this in store was wondering how they looked on they look great thanks for sharing! Now I definitely will get

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