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Easy breezy hair & makeup for the beach 🏖 PrismPop Giveaway

Today's Giveaway: Win a Hair+Skincare Deluxe sample bundle (Kérastase Resistance Length Strengthening Blow-Dry Primer 30ml + Sunday Riley C.E.O. Glow Vitamin C + Turmeric Face Oil 5ml!
Comment on these PrismPop posts with your general thoughts and your answer to the following question(s):
🧐What is your go-to summer/beach hair style and what products/accessories do you use to achieve it? Tell us your favorite low effort, high impact makeup product!
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➡️ My Super Simple Summer Make-up Routine by trishesmusic
➡️  3 Summer Hairstyles for my (new) Shoulder-Length HAIR 🤩 by Montse

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  • Ann Morgan

    When I go to the beach, I usually put my hair up in a bun. I use hairspray for the flyaways.

  • Rita Whirls

    Congrats Pauline. This is a product I would love to try. My beach look is braids. This keeps your hair out of the way making it easy to do just about anything.

  • Dawnetta Schmer

    I would love to try the is

  • Dawnetta Schmer

    I would love to try the is

  • Naf

    Congrats Pauline!

  • Kelly K

    Congrats Pauline!!!! See I told you that you would win sooner or later! Anyway, my go to beach hair style is either a ponytail or bun. I don't do well in heat and I have long thick hair. So I always have to have it up during the summer. Although lately I have also been doing a cute simple side braid. My low effort, high impact make up product would probably be either my 4D mascara that make my lashes look amazing or any lipstick/lip gloss. Those both are an easy one step and make a sure difference in your final look. Hope everyone is having a great day! Take care and stay safe!

  • Micheala

    this is amazing thanks so much

  • nancy ruiz

    Would nlike to try this product and see how good are

  • sharon pearson

    I wanna try a blue liquid eye shadow

  • Anita Avila

    My go to summer beach hair style is a volumizing, puffy hair style. I have natural curly hair and during the summer I just let my hair loose and let it be what it wants to be. I use a leave-in conditioner for my hair, but I only use 1 pump. Just to keep it moisturized. When I apply the conditioner, I just spread the product all over my hair real quick and tease it. My low effort, high impact makeup product is the NYX cosmetics Bare With Me Tinted Skin Veil. What I love about the tinted veil is that it's not full coverage, doesn't feel heavy on the skin and gives me a pretty tint, glow as well. Makes the skin look fresh and luminous.


    My summer beach hair is either beach waves or a cute bun! I use sea salt spray to help make my hair have more of a beachy vibe! I usually wear the bun if it's really hot and I need to keep my hair off of my neck. My low effort, high impact makeup product is bareminerals original powder foundation. I only need a little bit and it does wonders on my skin! I would love to win and try some of these awesome products!!

  • Pauline

    If I were to go to the beach. I would be trenched in product. A good sun block for fair skin with a high SPF Neutrogena. I would clip and band my hair back and cover up my hair with a beach scarf. Face sun block too. Hope this was helpful.

  • Rukhsana

    my summer beach hair style is a simple high bun. its comfortable in the heat and does not bother me as my hair is extremely long, i only just use a lightweight softening shine serum and that is it. (rusk). my low effort high impact makeup is doing a thick long glitter liner and then a thin short black eyeliner with it. it instantly makes me look so much prettier. i use stila for this.


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  • leslie ray

    I need help with frizzy & wavy hair

  • Tonilynn Rosario

    Congrats Pauline.

  • Miwa Ioku

    My go-to summer hairstyle is simply low ponytail because I wear cap or hat. Protect UV from the sun! My shoulder length hair is easy to arrange, wash and dry, but I need some treatments to keep my hair good and healthy. Let me try the products!!

  • Kelley Harner

    Congrats Pauline! My summer beach hair is a no brainer! I pull it back off my face and is really covered mostly with a hat of some type. It's so important to keep the sun off your face....especially direct sunlight, like at the beach. I try to put some type of leave in conditioner in as well to protect it from the harsh ocean waters or pool chemicals. As for make up...minimal at best in this summer heat! Grab a tube of good, black mascara and be done with it all!

  • natosha miller

    My go-to beach hairstyle would have to be a simple everyday look. I honestly have short hair so it's fast to dry, curls after the water hits it because it's curly naturally and I don't really mind adding much to my hair. However, it's normally when I get home and shower that I moisturize my scalp and hair after shampooing anything from my hair that was in the water or dirt from the beach. Next, I put in a leave-in conditioner product to keep it hydrated much longer because the sun, water and anything else could have dried my hair that it's fried and needs that extra-love to boost it back to life! I think a low effort and high impact makeup product for me would have to be a one in all moisturizers that provides coverage, hydration, protection from the UVs and adds a natural glow. So the best that I've tried is my favorite IT collection, especially a trio-kit. First is the IT CC+ Cream with SPF 50+ for a great, natural, and beautiful appearance as well as coverage and protection. Next the IT Superhero Mascara, for lovely fresh volumized lashes, but not clumpy or out of character appearance. Lastly, IT Je Ne Sais Quoi Hydrating Lip Balm Treatment in Your Perfect Pink which really adds hydration to my lips removes visible appearance of dehydration around the lips and locks that moisture in, for all-day smooth and soft, plump lips! Additionally, this lip balm has a wonderful pink color which adds that extra something to the lips, naturally, and brings the entire look together. The three-item, a quick approach that does more than allows you to look beautiful for one-day, but future days to come as it repairs while being on the skin.

  • Stephanie Esparza

    Congrats Pauline!

  • Nirva

    My summer beach hair style is i like to put my hair in messy bun it gets too hot at the beach so feels good when hair is up. Low effort high impact product maybelline waterproof mascara perfect for beach day.

  • Lauren Cabrera

    I love not your mothers texture spray and curl cream! not only do they smell amazing but they leave your hair feeling fresh and restored!

  • Deanna Straub

    My hair is super long down to my waist so it would definitely be an updo to keep it out of my face at the beach. However, I enjoy using OGX Quenching Coconut Curls Frizz-Defying Curl Styling Milk before I put it up. It smells so good and helps keep beach frizz to a minimum. I love it. My favorite low effort, high impact makeup product is always mascara and my current favorite is Loreal Waterproof Voluminous in Carbon Black. The Waterproof is the most important factor there. Of course I pair it with eye liner on the top lid only at my age. My current favorite is Revlon Colorstay liquid eye pen. It's my go to because I love the cat eye. Then last but not least I add Beauty Rush lip stain and I love the pink one called "Stay Awhile" I bought it at Victoria Secret at the mall for $10. It's a really great lip stain.

  • Tammy

    A day at the beach would be my hair up In a ponytail I hope I get picked for this I could really use this to try thank you for the opportunity and good luck all 🍀

  • Karla webb

    I like to but my hair to my shoulders and make my hair wavy or straighten it