Easy routine, Black Gel Mask, All in 1 Beauty Aid Crema and NPB Prime

Hi guys, I loved these products, I had no knowledge of the brand, but when trying them they really are good. 

Fisrt: I used the Mild Scrub & Peeling Black Gel Mask to remove impurities and everything that was left after seeing me face washed when I got out of the shower, and as you can see in the video, if it removes enough and leaves the skin very light and I clean. 

Second: I used my Murad eye contour, very good indeed.

Third: I used me Grace & Stella brand serum.

Then: I used the Touch In Sol's No Poreblem Prime Essence this firts helps to relax the pores and leaves the skin silky and then work with our makeup, it feels fresh and silky on the skin. Helping to make our makeup perfect.

And finally I used The All in 1 Beauty AID Cream that i fell in love whit since it is soft, without much odor, and it leaves your skin very silky, I would recommend it more for mixed and dry skin since for very oily skin i feel that it leaves a bit oily, but otherwise i feel very good to hydrate.


I am not an expert but it is my honest opinión of the products that came to me, and that in the end i loved them. 



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  • Maggie

    wow you have a great setup!! So bright 🤩 you know what you ought to do though, rotate the camera and shoot vertically so it's easier to see on phones 😊 oh and if you keep it shorter than 1 minute it's more likely to get featured! 🌟 great work!!