Enjoy the Glassy effect

Starting with the super cute pink casing with rainbow metallic label, I can't! Another Vanity worthy item. Nice fancy writing is always good in my book. I like thing that has a significant impact. This container hold 1.05 oz/ 30 ml so depending on how much you use, it has a shelf life of 12 months. So get ready to let others know how they can still have glassy skin in the dry winter days as well! Which is a perfect..This touchinSOL Glassy skin balm in nothing I imagined to get close to with my oily skin. But did you know that oily skin types still need moisturizers and blams!? Yes we may want to run away from all things oily, but we still need that nourishing guys. 

The Glassy skin balm is designed to give you the ultimate glow throughout the day. Having that highlight of when the sun hits your skin, it just gives off so much natural ultra-hydration to the face. Making an appearance of an even texture with this can be used as a primer and alone as well. 

You would use this skin balm as the last step in your skincare routine as your moisturizer. It can be used a.m. or p.m. routine. You can use as much as you like of course to get semi glassy skin or really really glassy skin that can be see from afar. Just apply all over the entire face and your good to go. Don't forget, the more you put ,the more you shine! 

Whith this skin balm there is a slight floral type scent to it but nothing too powerful. Very very light and it smells good. It feels super smoothly on your fingertips from first touch. But once rubbed onto the skin you can start to feel the difference. No flakes rubbing off when applied from over drying. You don't feel like you have a pile of grease on your face wich is super great! So it lightweight on the skin, no wear downs. I don't think would be a product that could cause any breakouts for me! 

Experiencing this glassy skin balm has been a lesson for me. Don't judge a book by the cover! I was afraid my skin would be very shiny due to me having really oily skin. So I thought it would make more problems. But it's lightweight so I didn't experience clogged pores, greasy skin nor did I break out and I love the scent. It makes my skin feel super soft and supple. My skin looks well hydrated and nourished with a good formula. In my opinion highly recommended for dry skin types and for the winter. 

Have you tried this Glassy skin trend yet? How did you like it? Let's talk...

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