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Epically Ethical Beauty with TOSC

The Organic Skin Co.


Prism Pop Tester Bag


  • Task Force Nine Calendula and Turmeric Cream
  • The Eyes Have It, in the shade Greenstone
  • The Eyes Have It, in the shade Silhouette
  • Lip Service, in the shade Galaxy
  • Lip Service, in the shade Summer Sands
  • Cheeky Lips Pod, in the shade Velvet

  The Organic Skin Co The Organic Skin Co was founded in New Zealand by Megan Douglas and Lisette Douglas out of a desire to make luxurious, yet still accessible skincare and makeup products that were environmentally responsible and healthier than what was available. They specialize in a process called ‘supercritical extraction’ which is a method that doesn’t involve solvents to extract the goodness from the natural plants that are featured in their products, they report this results in higher concentrations and efficacy of natural ingredients without the adulterants of other methods. Lastly, each purchase made with The Organic Skin Co prompts a tree being planted in partnership with the Eden Reforestation Projects to help combat deforestation.  

  On first impression, I am stunned by the minimalistic beauty of this line of products. Each container is sleek and combines wood grain with neutral colors, and a touch of metallic with their emblem to make a truly stunning packaging that is cohesive among their products. The replacement pod included from the Cheeky Lips line comes in a thick quality paper product that seems incredibly simple to recycle. I’m impressed by the lack of waste, and it seems very on-brand with their mission.  


Task Force Nine Calendula and Turmeric Cream      

This cream is a beautiful golden color, and neither thick or thin in consistency. It has a lovely spicy herbal scent that is mild but enjoyable. It reminds me of a golden latte more so than curry which was my fear with a skincare product with turmeric as a featured ingredient. It absorbs quickly leaving the skin feeling moisturized and supple and has a very subtle warming effect on the skin tone. I really enjoyed the process of applying this lotion and it provides a lovely base for makeup application, or a subtle dewy glow-from-within look on no makeup days.

The Eyes Have It, Greenstone                

This cream shadow, in the shade Greenstone is a beautifully vibrant toned green with a very deep forest hue. It has a gorgeous luster to it, somewhere between a matte and a shimmer. It blends well and feels gentle on the skin.

The Eyes Have ItSilhouette                

The Silhouette cream shadow has more of a sheer look to it upon application. It is a beautiful, subtle shade that would work well as a transition color or for more nude-toned makeup looks. Although it is more understated than the shade Greenstone, it still adds a gorgeous shine and mild grey tint to the eye. Its formulation seems gentle on the skin as well, and it blends beautifully.

Lip ServiceGalaxy                

This shade, Galaxy is a universally flattering matte red, it is richly pigmented and feels moisturizing and creamy when applied. It wears perfectly with minimal bleeding, mild color transfer, and has pretty impressive longevity. It wore for approximately 7 hours before needing reapplying. I think this may be my new favorite red lipstick, it’s a beautifully indulgent staple that adds a touch of glamor to any look. It looks particularly flattering with a minimalist eye makeup in neutral tones or paired with an overstated liquid liner wing for a classic retro-mod look.

Lip ServiceSummer Sands                

The shade Summer Sands is a classic nude beige toned lipstick. It also is perfectly creamy and smooth on application, with a more subtle tone than the shade Galaxy from the same Lip Service line. It pairs well with a bright eyeshadow to provide balance in your look. It has a shorter wear time in my experience, needing a touchup at around hour 3 of wear. It maintains a matte look in its appearance but is quite moisturizing. The formulation of the Lip Service line from The Organic Skin Co is top notch!

Cheeky Lips Pod, Velvet                

  The shade Velvet blends hues of pink and purples into a bright berry shade. Typically with blusher products, I tend to gravitate towards peach or true pink tones—however, the shade Velvet has completely won me over to the berry tones! The brightness in this shade makes it more wearable than most, and it adds a lovely glow to the cheekbones. This product doubling as a lip tint makes it a total win, I absolutely love a multitasking product, it saves time and is especially handy for travel. The wear of the Cheeky Lip Pod was fantastic, it lasted the entire day on the cheek, and several hours on the lip. It has a glossier and more sheer finish than the Lip Service or the Eyes have it formulas, but still provides a noticeable tint. This product is a definite keeper!          

   The Organic Skin Co. is a company that has a fantastic mission, in both planting trees & making makeup and skincare that is good for you.  They combine luxe beauty with the green social movement in a beautiful selection of decadent colors that are universally flattering and easy to apply. I couldn’t be more impressed!

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