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Etude House Dear Darling Water Gel Tint Review and Swatches

The Dear Darling Water Gel Tints are not new to Etude House, but these were specially produced in Summer 2017.
🎨 Unlike the original line of Water Gel Tints which boasts high pigmentation and opacity, these summer shades are meant to be “light and muted” to brighten the skin tone for the season.
⭐ Look at these cute little popsicles! Despite the price, nothing about this packaging looks or feels cheap.
⭐ Twist the popsicle stick to reveal the slanted teardrop-shaped applicator! While the wide edge makes for easy application, I find that the tip causes some product to gather at the borders of the lips when I’m going for full colour lips and I have to use my finger to smudge everything out in the end.
Note: Unlike the original line of Water Gel Tints, these are more gel-like and sheer. Also, I have very pale lips so some shades do not show up well on me. However, the colours may look different on you if you have redder or pigmented lips, so please keep that in mind while reading the rest of my post.
RD306 Shark Red would be adored by those who love dark red lips. It takes about 3 applications on my lips to almost reach the darkness it has in the bottle. Still, it’s very eye-catching.
RD307 Watermelon Red is a bright red with a drop of pink in it. If you’re wary of trying red lip shades, this could be a shade that could ease you into wearing them as the sheerness prevents it from becoming too overpowering.
PK004 Red Bean Red is like a muted plum shade. If you were on the “dried rose” lip colour bandwagon back in Fall 2016, this is a shade you would be familiar with. On my lips, the purple tones don’t really show up.
PK005 O Peach Red is more of a sweet pink despite being called red. 
PK006 Jewel Red is a translucent pink-based tint that contains pink, gold and silver glitter particles that flash blue at some angles. It somehow reminds me of the glitter glue I used to use in school when I was a kid (do kids these days use glitter glue??). This shade is meant to be worn on top of lip colours but if you want to, you could always wear it on its own.
OR205 Apricot Red is a lovely orange coral.
I would describe Red Bean Red, O Peach Red and Apricot Red as MLBB shades on me.
Swatches: (These were all swatched once on a bare arm and taken in natural lighting)
As you can see, apart from Shark Red and Watermelon Red, they’re pretty sheer. Depending on what you’re looking for in a lip tint, this could be either a good or a bad thing.
Some bloggers have been able to build the colours up to high opacity, but despite 3 applications which felt heavy, I couldn’t get Red Bean Red and O Peach Red to reach the level of pigmentation seen in the official Etude House swatches. I was disappointed when some of the shades turned out to be less pigmented than I’d thought, but after some consideration I decided that I didn’t mind it so much because I don’t have many natural looking MLBB shades anyway.

🌹 It has the same sweet watermelon scent of the Etude House Colour in Liquid Lips, but is slightly less strong compared to that. As for the taste… Y’all… I hate it. It’s worse than the Labiotte Wine Lip Tints imo. It’s artificially sweet but has a bitter after taste. Don’t expect it to taste like fruits or ice cream.
Texture/Finish: On initial application, it makes your lips look so juicy and smooth. After you rub your lips together, however, all your lip wrinkles appear again. T_T
⭐ Etude House claims that the soapberry extract in the formula helps with lasting moisturisation. It does feel hydrating at first, but after some time, my lips feel a bit dry and I have to reapply the tint.
βŒ› The darker shades appear to stain more than the lighter ones. I wiped the tints off with a dry tissue for this shot, but I also tried eating dinner with Watermelon Red on and found that it held up reasonably well after my meal of rice and side dishes. I highly doubt it will survive eating noodles though!
πŸ‘ Final score: 4/5
⭐ If you like sheer glosses,you’ll love these tints as they leave a stain, and thus last a bit longer than glosses. Initially, I did regret buying every single shade because 1) I don’t really like sheer tints and 2) O Peach Red and Apricot Red look so similar, but I ended up appreciating the natural look they gave me.
⚠️ Those who are looking for much stronger pigmentation and staying power should pass on this.
⭐ I took an entire point off simply for the taste (I never claimed to be 100% objective :p) 

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