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Everyday Makeup Look

I love makeup but during summers I go on from a full coverage makeup to a minimalist makeup fanatic. This look is my absolutely favourite look as it takes only 5 mins and also all the products used are drugstore products and under $10. I prep my skin with moisturiser and go with Maybelline Master Prime Blur primer. Not only it helps me with my pores but it also gives a clear canvas for my makeup. I absolutely love this primer. Keeps my skin healthy looking and gives a satin finish. Easy to blend in and doesn’t give any white cast. I colour correct my undereye circles because it’s mandatory for me. I have world’s worst dark circles. I apply orange colour corrector under my eyes and to any red area on my face. Next I move on to Airspun loose powder. YES!!!! You read it correctly... I go forward with my loose face powder because it gives a flawless finish and creates a smooth surface for my foundation. It also makes the makeup to stay in one place for a long period of time. Moving forward I use my maybelline matte + pore less foundation in the shade 228 soft tan. I mix my foundation with my regular moisturiser to give a no makeup makeup look. I can’t leave my house without my Maybelline Mascara. It’s waterproof and looks perfect on my lashes. I also sometimes wear eyeliner. Colourpop is a brand that is so near and dear to me. I love it. I use the colourpop gloss everyday. Do tell me how do you find this look and also how you do your everyday makeup look in the comments below.

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  • Mazal


  • Sabrina

    This looks flawlessly beautiful. You created a unique routine. Thank you for sharing your speedy hacks, add for using inexpensive products. I feel like this inspires myself and others to have a good outcome with very little time. 💜

  • sally peabody

    You look beautiful ! I use the same blur primer and I really like it. I like my primer to have color and the blue seems the best for me. I have a few colorpop glosses myself but they do not look as nice as your ! I prefer a bronzing powder and setting spray. i live in the sun so it just works for me. loved your review thank you !!

  • Susan Cain

    Gauri your complexion is absolutely flawless. You managed to create a fabulous, barely noticeable makeup look that is perfect for those hot and humid Summer days☀️😎♨️👑🙌🙌