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Eye defying shimmering greenstone eyeshadow.

I received the PrismPop TOSC Tester Bag as a complimentary sample for testing purposes. One of the products is The Organic Skin Company’s The Eyes Have It Greenstone cream eyeshadow. The product came in a trendy black pot with a wooden screw on top and packaged inside a tan recyclable, cruelty free, vegan box.The product is infused with pomegranate and calendula supercritical extracts and made with 28% organic ingredients. I love the highly pigmented eyeshadow that catches the light in a shimmery dark forest green color. I applied primer to my lids then the cream eyeshadow with a flat makeup brush. The product glides on your eyelid leaving it feeling moisturized and smooth. Greenstone cream eyeshadow brings out the color of my brown eyes and enhances my features. The cream is lightweight, non-cakey and lasts all day long. However, I noticed without putting an eye primer on first the eyeshadow seemed to smear and fade quickly. The company has a pod refill system where you use a bobby pin to push through the bottom of the pot and the pod pops out for replacement and an unique program where they will plant a tree every time a product is bought. All of TOSC products are 100% natural ingredients, cruelty free, vegan, BioGro certified organic ingredients, and  uses supercritical extraction (purest way to extract plant nutrients). I highly recommend you try this product for not only everyday wear but for those fun nights out. #PrismPop #PrismPopTesterBag #TheOrganicSkinCo #Reesetisha #reesetishas2cents #NaturalBeauty #eyeshadow @prismpop_offical @theorganicskinco @reesetisha

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  • Hibah

    This was a great post! I love all of the things in the bag. I didn’t get this tester bag, but I am so looking forward to trying out these! I have the shade summer sands in the lip service lipsticks, and I love the pink nude color it gives out! I really want to get the Calendula and Turmeric cream. It looks so interesting and moisturizing! I love creams, moisturizers, things like that. I have never tried out a cream eyeshadow before. Looks interesting! Thanks for sharing this 😊

  • Micheala

    Thanks for the review I love the colors of the eyeshadow

  • Carrie Picadash

    Beautiful eyeshadows. You did an amazing job on the review. Your review is very detailed and makes me more interested in these eyeshadows. Thanks so much

  • Kelly K

    Very pretty, natural look!!!

  • Shelby Rodenberg

    Love the colors

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